Which grant should I apply for?

Apply to an SRAC grant for up to $500 to support your research activity or travel to a conference where you present research.

Apply to an ST grant for up to $500 of travel support to clinicals, interviews, auditions, mock-trials, workshops, schools, or conferences where you are not presenting research.

For further assistance, refer to this flowchart to make a decision about which grant to apply for, or refer additional questions to

When should I apply?

The SRAC/ST Committee runs three funding cycles a year. The deadlines for SRAC are the fifth Friday of Fall and Spring Semesters and the second Friday of Summer Term. Packets must be received in the GPSA office by 12:00 noon.

Applicants may fund activity in the current semester, one semester retroactively, or one semester in the future. Eligible activity dates for each cycle are as follows:

Summer Cycle- January 1 to December 31

Fall Cycle- June 1 to May 31

Spring Cycle- Aug 15 to Aug 14

What are the due dates?

Fall 2010 Deadline: noon on Friday, September 24th, 2010

Spring 2011 Deadline: noon on Friday, February 18th, 2011

Summer 2011 Deadline: noon on Friday, June 17th, 2011

Of what does an application consist?

Proposal <700 words <700 words
Budget Required


Letter of Recommendation Required Required
Score Sheet linked here linked here


How do I turn in my letter of recommendation?

The new online system will email a request for the letter of recommendation directly to your recommender. We will not accept hard copy letters of recommendation. Please email us if you have questions. unmgpsagrants (at)

What will cause my application to be automatically rejected?

Turning in the application after noon on the day of the deadline. No late applications will be accepted.

Identifying information on an anonymous copy of the recommendation.

Supplying more than a 700 word proposal.

Omitting the necessary letter of recommendation.

Can someone look over my application and answer my questions at a workshop?

Yes, please come to one of our SRAC/ST grants workshops. Look for the workshop dates in the grants calendar section. The SRAC/ST Committee holds workshops each semester to help applicants prepare quality applications. Applicants are encouraged to bring proposals-in-progress to these sessions for review. Contact the GPSA office for workshop times and locations (277-3803) or look in the grants calendar section above.

How can I write my best application?

Attend a workshop to understand what our grants readers will be looking for. See the FAQ above.

1) Know your application rules: SRAC/ST Bylaws

2) Write to the score sheet:SRAC/ST Score Sheet

3) Know your audience: Graduate and professional students from a different department than yours will be reading your application.

4) Write your proposal clearly: get writing help from UNM CAPS

Who will read my application?

Your application will be assigned to three readers according to the following criteria:

  • None of the readers will be from your department
  • One of the readers will be from your perspective (qualitative, quantitative, critical, creative, or applied)
  • One of the readers will be from outside your perspective
  • The remaining reader will be assigned randomly

If you would like to be a reader for the GPSA grants committee, send an e-mail expressing your interest to

How will my application be scored?

Each of the three readers will evaluate your application according to the scoresheet here. Each of your scores from your three readers will be normalized. The raw scores will be multiplied by the group application average and then divided by the reader average. This prevents an application from being harmed by being assigned a particularly tough reader. The difference between your high and low normalized score will be calculated. If the difference exceeds 25% of the total points available (25% of 130 is 32.5 points), your application will be reread by an additional two readers. Of the five normalized scores, the high and low will be dropped. Your final score will be the average of the remaining normalized scores.

You haven't answered my question. Who can I talk to?

Please contact the Grants Chairs, Katie Richardson at Alternatively, you can call the GPSA office at 277-3803 with your questions.

I am not happy with my score, how do I appeal the committee's decision?

Appeals can be made within three weeks of being notified of the committee's decision. A guide to drafting appeals can be accessed here. You may direct additional questions to

I have been awarded the grant, how do I get paid?

1) Complete the travel form, print and sign the document. An original signature is required.
2) Attach all of your original receipts to the form. Don't forget to make copies for your records.
3) If your budget has changed from your original request, please list the reasons for the change and attach this along with a revised budget. Your original budget is stored at the GPSA office for your convenience. All budget revisions must be approved by the committee.
4) Return the form to the GPSA office located in the SUB within 90 days of your award notification. Your award will not be available to you after this deadline.
5) You will receive your award in the form of direct deposit if you already receive payroll that way. Otherwise a check will be mailed to your address. Please allow four weeks for your form to be processed.

How many people apply and what are my chances of getting the grant?

In the spring 2009 cycle, 51 of 118 SRAC applicants received an award.

In the spring 2009 cycle, 17 of 23 ST applicants received an award.

In the summer 2009 cycle, 15 of 55 SRAC applicants received an award.

In the summer 2009 cycle, 5 of 11 ST applicants received an award.

In the fall 2009 cycle, 36 of 74 SRAC applicants received an award.

In the fall 2009 cycle, 7 of 7 ST applicants received an award.

In the fall 2009 cycle, 22 of 41 GRD applicants received an award.

In the spring 2010 cycle, 41 of 113 SRAC applicants received an awad.

In the spring 2010 cycle, 18 of 28 ST applicants received an award.

In the summer 2010 cycle, 19 of 61 SRAC applicants received an award.

In the summer 2010 cycle, 9 of 28 ST applicants received an award.

09-10 Grants Report

The amount of money the SRAC/ST Committee has available to award changes from year to year. The number above should serve merely as a guideline.