GPSA Constitution

GPSA Constitution and Bylaws

"We, the graduate and professional students of the University of New Mexico, establish this Constitution to preserve and protect the rights of the students at this University. In operating under this Constitution, the Graduate and Professional Student Association shall recognize the following rights: the right to a complete and liberal education, the right to access the resources necessary to promote that education, the right to freely express ideas and thoughts that are a product of that education, and the right to participate in the processes and institutions that will ensure this education remains worthy and acceptable..." (read more by downloading the Complete Constitution and Bylaws PDF file. Please utilize the following links for up-to-date GRD bylaws and SRAC/ST bylaws.)

Glossary of terms used in Constitution

This glossary has been created to help eliminate some of the ambiguities which exist within certain words or phrases and their definitions or intended uses. This glossary has been organized according to the Articles of Constitution with the only exception being Article VI. Committees. This article has been broken down for each committee. So that finding a word will be simplified, under the Article the words or phrases to be defined shall be listed in alphabetical order... (read more by downloading the Constitution Glossary pdf file)

Grants Code

Detailed information about each of the grants GPSA distributes (SRAC, Projects, GRD and Specialized Travel) Can be found in the Grants Code section on page 33 of the GPSA Complete Constitution and BylawsPlease note, however, that important new changes have been made to some grants procedures. The following links offer up-to-date SRAC/ST Grants Bylaws and GRD Grants Bylaws.

Elections Code

This document is for the purpose of informing the UNM population about the GPSA Elections Code as well as providing guidelines to the Elections Committee (read more by downloading the Elections Code PDF file).

Finance Code

This document sets forth detailed information about the goals and procedures of the Finance Committee... (read more by downloading the Finance Code PDF file).

Open Meetings Act

This document sets forth detailed information about the meeting procedures ofCouncil... (read more by downloading the Open Meetings Act PDF file).