GPSA Funds

Every graduate and professional student at UNM pays a $25 per term student fee to fund GPSA operations. From this fee come the Pro-rated Benefit Funds (PB Funds), which provide each chartered departmental graduate or professional student organization funds for their own operations. The remaining funds cover everything from GPSA grants to social events to the GPSA computer lab.

GPSA funds several of non-departmental student groups each year. These chartered groups apply for funding for the following fiscal year from the GPSA Finance Committee each spring.

The New Mexico Legislature provides the GPSA with yearly funds to administer the Graduate Research Development (GRD) grant. This grant process support individual student research at UNM with an emphasis on research projects that affect the state.

2011-2102 GPSA Budget [ pdf ]

2007-2008 General Government Budget  [ pdf ]

2007-2008 Budget [ pdf ]

2007-2008 Finance Code [ pdf ]

PB Funds

PB Funds are distributed through the Student Government Accounting office (277-7888).