GPSA Strategic Planning Information

The strategic planning process is GPSA’s continual effort to increase its ability to serve graduate/professional students at UNM, rejuvenate interest in our students, and create direction for future action.

Strategic Plan (March 25, 2005) [ PDF ]

Vision Statement

GPSA strives to identify, promote, and support interests and concerns
that are important to the welfare and academic development of graduate/professional students at UNM.


  • Why are students involved, or not involved, in GPSA?
  • How do new students learn about GPSA (especially PB funds), campus life, other issues?
  • How attractive is UNM to graduate/professional students?
  • What is GPSA’s annual budget? Structure?
  • What is GPSA’s relationship to OGS? Can OGS’s function be improved?
  • Can GPSA influence any of the following: assistantships, funding for salaries, titles?
  • What is GPSA’s role with the administration and legislature?
  • How important is graduate and professional education to UNM? To the state?
  • After a full accounting of current funding, what other funding do we need?
  • How is information passed on from year to year, administration to administration?