GPSA Structure

The main governing body of GPSA is the GPSA Council. Every department on campus holds a seat on the Council, which generally meets the last Saturday of the month, at 9 a.m. in the Domenici Center. These meetings are open to the public, and students are encouraged to attend.

The GPSA Council Chair organizes and runs Council meetings. Elected by the Council each spring, the Council Chair is also a member of all GPSA committees and works closely with the GPSA President throughout the year.

The GPSA President is elected by the graduate and professional student body each spring. In addition to managing the GPSA office, the President sits on numerous committees across campus and works with UNM administration to voice graduate and professional student concerns.

The Court of Review, composed of a Chief Justice and two associate justices, handles all disputes arising regarding the legality of any issues within the GPSA. In the past they have resolved issues such as election challenges and interpretations of the GPSA Constitution and Bylaws.

Much of the work of GPSA is accomplished by committees. GPSA committees facilitate the distribution of grant and project money, supervise elections, organize the lobby effort, create the yearly budget and plan social events. All graduate and professional students are invited to be involved in GPSA committees.

The President, Council Chair, Justices, and standing committee chairs comprise the Executive Board of the GPSA, which coordinates the efforts of these three branches of GPSA.