Council Committees (2010-2011)

Executive/Presidential Committees (2010-2011)

Information and Technology Committee: Japji Hundal, Elecrical and Computer Engineering

The committee helps the Graduate Professional Student Association – GPSA in maintaining the computer lab and provides necessary help to graduate/professional students with printing. The IT committee also helps with website maintenance and offers computers & printers to be allocated to graduate and professional student organizations. The Computer Allocations Ad-Hoc Committee seeks to allocate computers and computer equipment to graduate/professional student organizations through an equitable distribution process.

Please contact the IT Chair at or 277-3803, for more information


Equity & Inclusion Ad-Hoc Committee: Rachel Levitt , American Studies

Assistantships and Benefits Ad-Hoc Committee: Liza Minno-Bloom, American Studies

Annual Report for ABC Committee 2011


International Student Caucus (Formerly International Graduate & Professional Students Ad-Hoc Committee): Japji Hundal, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The caucus aims at highlighting and bringing exposure to foreign cultures thereby increasing the diversity among the graduate student population at UNM. The objective here is to stimulate an interconnection between two societies; i.e. the resident students at UNM and International students. The caucus will advocate for the issues and concerns that affect graduate international students on campus.

Please contact the ISC Chair at or 277-3803, for more information


Research Design Committee: vacant

GPSA Research Design Cover Sheet [ pdf of cover ]

GPSA Research Design Evaluation Sheet [ pdf of evaluation ]

GPSA Research Symposium End of the Year Report (2008-2009) [ pdf of report ]

Research Symposium Abstract Submission [ form ]

Research Symposium Agenda [ pdf of agenda ]

Archives and Records : Melanie Cattress , American Studies

Spring 2011 UNM GPSA Archives and Records Report to Council

Women's Caucus: vacant

Grants Review Ad Hoc Committee: vacant

Outreach Committee 2011 Final Report

GPSA Student Life Ad-Hoc Committee - January 30 Meeting Agenda [ click here for pdf ]