The GPSA Executive Board is composed of the GPSA President, the GPSA Council Chair and all standing committee chairs.

The Executive Board recommends the agenda for Council meetings. The Council Chair is responsible for producing the final written agenda for the next Council meeting, in consultation with the Executive Board. In addition, the Executive Board:

  • Coordinates the annual GPSA calendar
  • Makes decisions on behalf of the GPSA Council between Council meetings, as necessary
  • Oversees the fiscal system, including reviews of the budget
  • Reports to Council on financial needs, obligations, and budget compliance
  • Revises and updates personnel policies, including job descriptions
  • Makes recommendations to Council regarding GPSA Committees

All colleges at the University may be represented on the Executive Board, including the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Nursing and Pharmacy; and the Schools of Architecture & Planning, Law, Management, Medicine and Public Administration. Additional members from colleges and schools not represented on the Board may be appointed by the Council.


Executive Board Members 2011-2012

To get involved in any Executive Committee, contact the listed chair(s).

President - Katie Richardson, Physics & Astronomy

Council Chair - Megan O'Laughlin, Anderson School of Management

Committee Chairs

Assistantships, Benefits & Funding - Gino Signoracci, Philosophy

Elections - Nas Manole, School of Medicine

Equity & Outreach - Berenice Grijalva, Architecture

Finance - Heather Berghmans, Public Administration

Grants - Saliha Qasemi, Anderson School of Management

Information Technology - Meer Noor, Anderson School of Management

Lobby - Allison Block, School of Law, Anderson School of Management and Travis McIntyre, Physics & Astronomy

Media & Transparency - Anthony Salvagno, Physics & Astronomy

Programs - Dan Parker, Public Health

Student Support & Advocacy - Megan McRobert, Community and Regional Planning

Tuition & Fees - Sarah Coffey, School of Law


Executive Staff

GPSA's staff are not members of the Executive Board, but manage a variety of projects for the President in support of GPSA's mission, and help provide constituent services in the GPSA office.

Chief of Staff - Japji Hundal, Anderson School of Management, School of Engineering

Executive Assistant - Kris Miranda, Philosophy

Outreach Specialist - Tami Lynn, Art Studio


Meetings: Agendas and Minutes

August 16, 2011 Agenda / Minutes ( DRAFT )

July 14, 2011 Agenda / Minutes

June 15, 2011 Agenda

June 1, 2011 Minutes

Executive Board in the Constitution [ pdf ]