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The Finance Committee organizes the annual GPSA budget, then works with the GPSA President and officers to keep a balanced budget. The committee also supervises the allocation of GPSA funds to departmental and non-departmental graduate and professional student organizations.

Departmental organizations receive funding through pro-rated benefits (PB) awards made during fall and spring semesters. PB funds are awarded based on the number of students enrolled in each department. For more information, go to PB Funds.

Chartered organizations not affiliated with a specific graduate or professional program can apply for annual budget funding through the GPSA Finance Committee.

Watch for other deadlines from the Student Government Accounting Office.

Finance Committee Chair: Heather Berghmans, School of Public Administration

Agendas and Minutes

August 29, 2011 Agenda / Minutes

GPSA Finance Committee Code [ PDF ]

2008-2009 GPSA Budget [ PDF ]

Annual Report for 2011

Finance Committee Forms

Online PB Funds Request