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The Lobby Committee gets involved in regional politics by addressing GPSA concerns in the New Mexico State Legislature. Not only do lobby committee members gain experience in running an active lobbying process, but the work of the committee can truly benefit the graduate and professional student community at UNM. Past lobby efforts have included a petition for low-income child care assistance for graduate/professional students, and the allocation of $100,000 for graduate student research, now administered as the Graduate Research Development (GRD) Grant.

Lobby Committee Co-Chairs:

Allison Block, School of Law, Anderson School of Management

Travis McIntyre, Physics & Astronomy

2011-2012 Advocacy Team



Government Pages:

New Mexico State Legislature
New Mexico Governor's Office
New Commission on Higher Education (CHE)
United States House of Representative
United States Senate
The Whitehouse
Bills in the United States Congress

Lobby Committee Annual Report for 2011

NM Legislative Finance Committee Report