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The Student Research Allocations Committee (SRAC) grants are the most well known of GPSA funding sources. SRAC funds research related to the completion of a degree as well as other research relevant to the applicant's field. SRAC also funds travel to conferences to present research.

The SRAC Committee runs three funding cycles a year. The deadlines for SRAC are the fifth Friday of Fall and Spring Semesters and the first Friday of Summer Term. Packets must be received in the GPSA office by 12:00 noon. Applications will be considered for research or travel during the current semester, as well as one semester retroactively. Students may receive up to $500 per academic year through SRAC (beginning with the summer funding cycle).

Below you will find the forms needed to complete an SRAC application, as well as more detailed information in the SRAC Rules and Guidelines. Hard copies can be picked up at the GPSA office. Before submitting your application, please carefully review all instructions to avoid incomplete or incorrect packets. Applications that do not meet the guidelines are “Fatal Errors” and will not be reviewed by the committee.

Announcements of SRAC awards will be sent via email within six weeks of the application deadline. All applicants are invited to review the comments of the SRAC committee regarding their application by inquiring at the GPSA office (1021 SUB).

Grants Chair: Saliha Qasemi, Anderson School of Management

GPSA Grants Code (see SRAC) [ PDF ]

Grants Annual Report (2009-2011) [ PDF ]

SRAC Forms
Print the completed coversheet and submit with your SRAC packet.

Application Form/Cover Letter [ PDF  ]
Anonymous Application Form/Cover Letter [ PDF ]
Guidelines [ PDF ]
Rules [ PDF ]
Score Sheet [ PDF ]

Examples of SRAC Applications
The following forms are examples of well-written, organized, and most importantly, funded SRAC applications. Use these forms to help guide you through your application process.

Sample Travel Application
Sample Research Application

The SRAC Committee holds workshops each semester to help applicants prepare quality applications. Applicants are encouraged to bring proposals-in-progress to these sessions for review. Contact the GPSA office for workshop times and locations (277-3803).

SRAC is always looking for readers to review applications. If you are a graduate or professional student interested in a hands-on experience in evaluating research and travel grants, contact the SRAC chair to find out how to join the committee.