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Accessibility Resource Center's Facilities Access Committee

The Facilities Access Committee is responsible for identifying building or sidewalk modifications needed to make UNM more accessible.  They also keep a list of known changes that are needed and investigate new items as they arise.  The Committee has members from a wide array of areas, (i.e. parking/transportation, OEO, Accessibility Resource Center, Office of Capital Projects, Physical Plant, and faculty/student representation). The group is a great resource for problem-solving issues that do not require physical changes as well as those needing ADA modifications.

Admissions and Registration

Classroom Modernization

Computer Use


Enrollment Management Advisement Council is need of a graduate or professional student representative. The Enrollment Management Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Vice President for Enrollment Management. The Council shall be responsible for making recommendations to the President, Provost, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice President for Enrollment Management regarding policies, programs, and procedures that influence undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention. In addition, the Council shall be responsible for implementing new initiatives as assigned by the Vice President for Enrollment Management. The Council is also responsible for developing an enrollment management plan for the University and providing an annual assessment of its progress.

Faculty Ethics

Library Committee

Recreational Services Advisory Council, Manoj Kumar Ramalingam, MS Electrical Engineering

The purpose of the Recreational Services Advisory Council is to represent the recreational interests and needs of the students and staff at the University of New Mexico.  The primary function of the Council is to advise the Recreational Services Department regarding programmatic issues and strategic directions within all facets of programming and facility management.  The primary duties of the Council shall be to review, advise, and make recommendations on the following:

  • program development and expansion,
  • program assessment
  • facility scheduling and operating hours,
  • program and facility use as well as eligibility,
  • major equipment purchases

Teaching Enhancement


University-wide committee appointees have just completed a semester of work on their respective committees.  To view a report of their Fall activities and to learn more about issues or concerns graduate and professional students need to know, click on one of the links below:

Admissions and Registration,

Athletics Council, Ashley Carter, PhD Student Sports Administration

Campus Development Advisory Committee, Andrew Marcum

Classroom Modernization,

Computer Use,

Curricula Committee,

Faculty Ethics,

KUNM Board, Billy Ulabarri

Publications Board, Jakob Schiller, American Studies

Research Policy,

Scholarship Committee,

Student Health Advisory Group, Reza Sfevavi

Student Union Board,

Teaching Ehancement,

To view a list of University-wide committee appointees, click here.


  • policies and rules for each programming area.


Please submit your curriculum viate, letter of interest and application as soon as possible.. Please contact GPSA at for more information. To view a complete list of committees and charges click here.