The GPSA Council is the main governing body of the Graduate and Professional Student Association. Representatives from each department meet monthly to address issues facing graduate and professional students across campus. All Council meetings are open to the public, and graduate and professional students are always invited to attend.

Departments elect Council Representatives annually. Representatives must attend the monthly Council meetings, normally held the last Saturday of each month. In addition to updating their departments on GPSA issues, functions, deadlines and news, representatives act as the voice of the department in Council. Contact your Department’s Representative to let her or him know of concerns you wish to be brought before the GPSA Council.

The GPSA Council strives to represent the range of graduate and professional student interests at UNM. As such, it is critical that departments send representatives to Council meetings. If you wish to become a Departmental Representative or alternate, please contact the Council Chair or turn in a credential form to the GPSA office.

The GPSA Council elects a Chair to preside over Council meetings. Megan O'Laughlin is serving as Council Chair for the 2011-2012 academic year. Please contact the Council Chair with any questions regarding Council proceedings. She can be reached at 277-3803 (office) or