Pro-Rated Benefit (PB) Funds

PB Funds

Pro-Rated Benefit (PB) Funds are available each semester to every recognized departmental student association (RDSA) that has chartered with the Student Activities Center.

All graduate/professional students pay $25 in GPSA fees when they pay their tuition each semester. RDSAs can request a percent of this fee for their department’s use. These allocations, available in the fall and spring semesters, are called PB Funds.

PB Funds are awarded based on the number of students enrolled in your department. For every enrolled graduate student, your RDSA is eligible for a percentage of their GPSA fee.  The more students you have in your department the more PB Funds you are eligible for.

To collect your PB funds, first verify that your organization is an RDSA and is chartered with the Student Activities Center .  

List of Chartered Student Organizations

Requirements of RDSA from GPSA Constitution (Section V.C.2.B) (pdf)

NOTE: Your RDSA's charter must be renewed each year. Generally organizations do this at the beginning of fall semester. Only officers listed on an RDSA charter can request PB funds. Make sure to keep your department up to date!

Watch for workshops from GPSA and Student Government Accounting Office during August and September. These sessions provide orientation to SGAO operations and overview the PB Funds request process.

To Request PB Funds:

*PB Funds requests can be submitted at the start of fall and spring semester. Requests must be received by June 15 in order to be processed for the fiscal year.

1. Charter your organization with the Student Activities Center, Room 1018, in the Student Union Building. Contact the SAC (277-4706) for questions regarding your RDSA's charter.

2. Once you have chartered your organization, use the on-line PB Funds request form below to submit your application.

Alternatively, you may send a memo by letter or fax to Yvette Hall in the Student Government Accounting Office requesting that your department's PB Funds be transferred to your account. Please send a copy of the memo to the GPSA President.

Please provide:

A) the number of graduate students in your department,
B) your department's account number for the transfer,
C) your campus address, and
D) your position in the organization.

Your request will be checked against the 21 day report of official enrollment in each department and then processed.

3. Collect your PB Funds.
Once your enrollment numbers are confirmed in Student Government Accounting, it takes about two weeks to transfer the funds to your department's account.

Contact the GPSA office for more information at 277-3803 or email at

PB Fund Request Form

On-line requests for Pro-rated Benefits allocations may be made by completing the information below. Though the recommended method for request submission is via this web-based form, this page may also be printed and submitted as a hard-copy to the GPSA President (SUB 1021).

PB Fund Request Form Instructions:

Departmental organizations are allocated funds through GPSA on a per-capita basis each semester. All requests for PB funds must be made to the Student Government Accounting Office and the GPSA President in writing or via e-mail.

Organizations requesting funding must:

  • Be a graduate/professional student departmental organization;
  • Be chartered with the Student Activities Center (Student Union Building, Suite 1018, 277-4706);
  • Have an account number with the Student Government Accounting Office (SGAO, Student Union Building, Suite 1018, 277-7888).
Requests must be received no later than June 30 of the year in which Spring or Fall (of the previous year) funding is being requested, though for accounting reasons we strongly recommend submission before June 15 of the current fiscal year. Allocations submitted will be processed as they are received and only after enrollment statistics are made available from the Registrar's office through the 21-day report.


Term: (check ONLY one): Fall Spring

Chartered Organization Name:

Campus Address:

Organization Account Number: 670-

Total number of registered graduate/professional students in department represented (Please note that this number is used as a guide only. Actual dollars transferred will be based on enrollment numbers from the registrar's office.):

Select the SINGLE academic department included in the above figure:

 If Other, please name:

Name of individual making request (must be an officer of student organization on SGAO signature list):

E-mail address of individual making request:

Additional comments/requests:

By submitting this form, you verify that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Incomplete requests will not be considered.

Please be patient and hit submission button once, Your request has gone through!

Thank you!