Minimum Req All Cohorts
Pre Med GPA 3.00
Cumulative GPA 3.37
MCAT Score SOM Minimum Threshold

Continuous Eligibility Requirements

Students are expected to complete the math courses appropriate to their option in their first semester. In addition, students are expected to take courses that advance their progress towards meeting the requirements of their degree every semester. In order to remain in good academic standing and maintain enrollment in the BA/MD program, students must meet the following minimum standards:

  1. All BA/MD students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.37.
  2. All BA/MD students must earn a GPA of a 3.00 (B Average) or better on all courses specifically required for UNM School of Medicine (SOM).
  3. Cohorts beginning with 2013 must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 by the end of the second semester of year one. Those students who do not meet this minimum will be released from the BA/MD program immediately.
  4. Students admitted to the program in 2009 or after, must adhere to the Student Progress and Evaluation policy (SPE). Please refer to SPE policy on side menu for full details.
  5. Complete all coursework, including the Summer Community Health Practicum, for Options I, II, or III, with the required cumulative GPA
  6. Maintain the enrollment status required to complete the undergraduate program in four years
  7. Abide by the UNM and SOM Student Codes of Conduct (See UNM Pathfinder
  8. Meet the ongoing Technical Standards for Admission, Continuation, and Graduation. (See BA/MD Student Handbook for a description of the Technical Standards)

Transitioning to the School of Medicine

In order to transition into the UNM School of Medicine portion of the program, BA/MD students must satisfy the continuous eligibility criteria outlined above, as well as the following additional criteria required by the UNM School of Medicine:

  1. Successfully complete MCAT Preparatory Course provided by the program
  2. All BA/MD students must earn a score on the MCAT exam consistent with the minimal acceptable threshold for admission into the MD program at the UNM School of Medicine.
  3. Complete AMCAS application, including a personal statement, to School of Medicine adhering to the admissions deadline
  4. Complete a School of Medicine secondary application which includes a personal statement, adhering to the admissions deadline
  5. Maintain a code of professional and moral conduct consistent with the SOM standards for non-cognitive behavior
  6. Develop an understanding of the public health needs of communities in New Mexico, and demonstrate a commitment to those needs through service, cultural sensitivity, and awareness of New Mexico’s unique populations

At mid-fall semester of the students’ last year, the BA/MD Committee on Curriculum and Student Progress (CCSP) will recommend all eligible students for transition to the UNM School of Medicine (SOM) Admissions Committee. The SOM Admissions Committee will review each student’s record and file to ensure that students meet all of the above eligibility requirements, as well as all other technical standards and requirements. The Admissions Committee will make the final decision regarding students’ admission into the SOM, and will send students formal written approval mid-spring semester of their last year to make the transition into the medical curriculum. Any student who disagrees with the Admissions Committee decision may apply to the SOM Dean for a final review.