BA/MD Scholarship Information

All 2nd, 3rd and 4th year BA/MD students must renew the FASFA by March 1st, the priority deadline, for continued undergraduate funding. All incoming first year BA/MD students must submit the FASFA by June 1st, after their acceptance into the program.

All BA/MD students must submit any additional financial aid paperwork requested by UNM to the UNM One Stop office by August 30, 2013Examples of this include: parent worksheets, parent federal taxes, student federal taxes, W2’s, copies of SS cards, or any other documentation that the UNM Financial Aid office is requiring in order to complete your financial aid packaging

All BA/MD students must complete the Scholarship Estimate Form for Academic Year 2013-2014:

  1. Click this link Scholarship Estimate Form  for the pdf version of the form
  2. Print the form
  3. Complete and sign the form
  4. Turn it in by August 19th to the BA/MD Main Campus Office in the University Advisement and Enrichment Center,
          room 136

Additional funding received during the year will require you to complete an amended Scholarship Estimate Form for the Spring semester.

Award Characteristics & Limitations

  • Supplemental, Need-based awards
  • Each BA/MD student will have a customized awards package
  • BA/MD is the last scholarship to pay
  • All awards are totaled for the academic year in the student's UNM account
  • If receiving federal money-you may be held to UNM’s “cost of attendance”
  • Student loans are totaled into cost of attendance, and may reduce eligibility for BA/MD awards
  • Work-study awards are totaled into cost of attendance, and may reduce eligibility for BA/MD awards
  • Students enrolled full time in UNM will receive full program support. If the student is not enrolled full time, the program provides an amount of financial support commensurate with the student enrollment

FY 14 Scholarships per semester

  • Bridge to Success: $1000
  • Lottery: $2503.35 ($5006.70 yr)
  • UNM Scholars: $3124.00 ($6248.00 yr)
  • Presidential: $3993.50 ($7987.00 yr)
  • Regents: $8030.50 ($16,061.00 yr)
  • National Scholars: $8030.50 ($16,061 yr)