Professionalism Policy for BA/MD Students

Specific Responsibilities and Professional Judgement

When a student is admitted to the BA/MD program, s/he has agreed to behave in a professional manner. Specific duties and responsibilities are described in The Pathfinder ( and in the “BA/MD Student Handbook” ( BA/MD students are expected to understand and adhere to the duties and responsibilities described in these documents.

However, these documents do not and cannot enumerate all aspects of professional behavior. Rather, acting professionally requires that an individual use his/her practical judgment to determine how to behave in a variety of particular, often unpredictable, situations. When an individual is unsure which course of action is appropriate and professional in a given situation, s/he should consult with BA/MD faculty, staff, and/or fellow students. 

Process for Reporting and Dealing with Professional Lapses

If a student acts unprofessionally, the incident will be recorded and placed in her/his permanent record. If a student attains three such lapses, the student will be required to present his/her case to a subcommittee of the Committee on Curriculum and Student Progress (CCSP), which will determine the appropriate academic consequence. If a student commits a severe lapse in professional judgment, s/he will be asked to present his/her case to the CCSP, even if s/he has no prior record of lapses.
Academic consequences will be determined by the CCSP and be appropriately matched to the professional lapse. These and other consequences may be used: receiving a written warning or sanction that is placed in the student’s permanent record; forfeiting professional or academic opportunities; requiring the student to undergo special training; placing the student on academic probation or suspension; and/or expelling the student from the BA/MD program.
A student who disagrees with the CCSP’s decision is entitled to appeal that decision to the BA/MD Directors. The request for an appeal must be made in writing, stating the reasons why the student disagrees with the CCSP’s decision. The Directors must receive the request within 15 calendar days after the date on which the email from the CCSP has been sent. Should the student fail to notify the Directors in writing of his/her appeal within 15 calendar days, this shall be considered a waiver of his/her right to an appeal and the CCSP’s decision shall become final for the BA/MD Program.