The visual resource collections reflect the academic programs they support. Collection strengths are in the areas of:

BVRL Digital Collections

Existing digital collections cataloging is focused on material which directly supports CFA and SAAP instructional areas as listed above, and which enhances digital collections at UNM. BVRL Digital collections are available through locally networked computers in the library, and through collections searches in the Artstor online search tools.

Slide Filing


Reflecting academic program strengths, the circulating collection of 360,000 slides is no longer actively growing, but is available as a teaching and research resource.

Nights of Cabria

Mounted Photographs & Study Prints

This resource holds historic value and research potential. The collection, numbering approximately 30,500 items, is comprised largely of black and white photographs representing a number of photographic and printing techniques. Depicted subjects range from early 20th century views of Eurpoean architecture to 1960 movie studio publicity prints and film stills.

New Work

Digital collection growth stems from faculty requests related to current teaching and research. Recent collection development has focused on contemporary art, pictorial photography, and Spanish architecture.

New digital material originates from licensed images secured from commercial vendors, requests to photograph print material or to scan existing collection slides, and through donations or duplication of an individual's collection.

Newly processed digital material is available in Artstor. See staff for rapid access to the latest acquisitions or more information.

ARTstor's digital library contains over 1,600,000 images to support art, architecture and cultural studies research and instruction. BVRL and the Fine Arts and Design Library are offering both group and one on one training sessions. Contact us for the current training schedule or to set up a personalized appointment.

Other image resources are available through the links page.