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About/Home page (from top)

1. Anonymous. Mission Church of San Jose de Guisewa: view through nave window, 1620-1621; Jemez Springs, NM.
source: Bainbridge Bunting photograph/BVRL 645155.


2. Ligia Bouton, 2010.

source: BVRL staff photograph.


People page (from top)

1. Dr. Bainbridge Bunting, 1972.

source: Rachel Homer photograph.


2. Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. The Amusing Spectacle of Cinderella and her Naughty Sisters, with Eleanor Bron, late 20th C.

source: Bergan, Ronald. Great Theatres of London: An Illustrated Companion, London: Prion, 1990, book plate, p.98, top/BVRL 325880 & 649503.


3. Lee Friedlander. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1965, gelatin silver print.

source: Friedlander, Lee. Self Portrait, New York: Haywire Press, 1970, book plate, #6/BVRL 648871.


4. Diane Arbus. Puerto Rican Housewife, 1963, gelatin silver print.

source: Diane Arbus, Millerton, NY: [Aperture, 1972], book plate/BVRL 85529 & 6347710.


5. London Stereoscopic Company. Henry Morton Stanley, c.1875-1880, photograph; National Portrait Gallery, London.

source: Levitt, Sarah. Fashion in Photographs, 1880-1900, London: Batsford, 1991, book plate, pg 26 #17/BVRL 634405.


6. Egyptian, 19th Dynasty. Temple of Ramses II, c.1254 BCE; Abu Simbel, Egypt.

source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft photograph/Scholars Resource; SR# Jea-0006/BVRL 602445.



Collections page (left to right and from top)

1. Foster and Partners. National Botanic Garden of Wales, Great Glasshouse: general view from the south, 2000; Carmarthen, United Kingdom.

source: Alec Hartill photograph/Scholars Resource; SR# Dau-0326/BVRL 649472.


2. Herbert Bayer. Lonely Metropolitan, 1932, photomontage on paper.

source: Davis Art Images/Scholars Resource; SR# Dva-0128/BVRL 649486.


3.Jaune Quick-to-See Smith. Modern Times, 1998, 3-color lithograph, chine colle; Tamarind 93-337.

source: UNMAM # 94.1.37/BVRL 331410 & 600372.


4. Mesoamerican, Aztec. Head of Teotihuacan, 3rd - 7th C, stone; Musee du Quai Branly, Paris, Inventory #: 70.1999.12.1.

source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft photograph/Scholars Resource; SR# Kmc-0003/BVRL 649490.


5.Anonymous. Map of route followed by Hernando Cortes (1485-1547) during conquest of Mexico, 16th C; Museo Nacional de Historia, Mexico City.

source: Bridgeman Art Library/Scholars Resource; SR# XIR-161156/BVRL 649502.


6. Viewing Slide Collection, 2000.

source: BVRL staff photograph.


7. Federico Fellini. Nights of Cabiria: filmstill with Guilietta Masina as "Cabiria" seated with a man outside of a bar at night, 1957; BVRL mounted photo and study print collection.

source: BVRL 648607.


8. Theo Ballmer. Poster: Neues Bauen. 1928, lithograph on paper; Museum of Modern Art, New York, Inventory #: 349.1937.

source: Davis Art Images/Scholars Resource; SR# Dva-2257/BVRL 649488.


Policies Page; from top

1. Bunting Library, Meeting/Work Room #304B, 2010.

source: BVRL staff photograph.


2. Barry, Robert. Refrain: view of slide projector with projected image, 1975, mixed media.

source: Singerman, Ed Howard. Individuals: A Selected History of Contemporary Art, 1945-1986, Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1986, book plate p.276/BVRL 287991 & BVRL 649504.


Projects page

1. Egyptian, possibly 4th Dynasty. Seated Scribe from Saqqara, c.2620-2500 BCE, painted limestone with rock crystal inlay; Louvre, Paris, Inventory #E 3023.

source: source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft/Scholars Resource; SR# Jec-0023/BVRL 602607.


Projects: Internships page

1. Paul Klee. Senecio: detail view, 1922, painting; Kunstmuseum, Basel, Switzerland.

source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft/Scholars Resource; SR# Psf-0155/BVRL 649501.


2. Man Ray, Typewriter, c.1926, gelatin silver print.

source: Davis Art Images/Scholars Resource; SR# DVA-1232/BVRL 649487.


Links page (left to right)

1. Hu Zhengyan. How to Hold Calligraphy Brush, 1628-1644, six-color woodcut; Cleveland Museum of Art, Inventory #: 1984.45.2.

source: Davis Art Images/Scholars Resource; SR# Dva-3534/BVRL 649489.


2. Buchloe dactyloides (buffalo grass): detail view, multiple staminate spikes, late summer, August 1997 photo; Candelaria Rd., Albuquerque, NM.

source: Edith Cherry photograph/BVRL 329641 & 647882.


3. Albrecht Durer. Portrait of Hieronymus Holzschuher: partial view, face, 1526, paint/lindenwood; Gemaldegalerie (Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz), Berlin, Germany, Inventory #: 557E.

source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft/Scholars Resource; SR# Lgf-0539/BVRL 606934.


4.Ottoman. Crown of Stephen Bocskay, c.1596-1605, rubies, pearls, gems set in gold, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft/Scholars Resource; SR# Mtw-0001/BVRL 649491.


5.Peter Eisenman. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: partial view to the southwest, over concrete blocks to trees of Tiergarten. 2004; Berlin, Germany.

source: Dr. Ronald V. Wiedenhoeft/Scholars Resource; SR# Pgb-0501/BVRL 649495.