Native American Tribal Arts & Architecture    

All names of the Arctic, California, Great Basin, Northeast, Northwest Coast, Plains, Plateau, Southeast, Southwest (prehistoric architecture only), and Subarctic tribal regions used in the BVRL cataloging system are listed in the Culture and Site Indices with their corresponding 1st and 2nd line classification numbers when appropriate. The Indices list names beyond what the current collection represents whereas the tribal authority card file is inclusive and lists names only represented in the current collection. Index names that are not currently represented in the collection have been temporarily assigned an asterisk (*) instead of a classification number(s). At times, an asterisk will appear with a number to indicate the proper number to use when beginning an authority for a name. NOTE: When beginning a new authority, remove asterisk from the index and replace with proper number(s). See also: Tribal Arts Authority Work.

Index entries are notated in the following manner:

All "region" names are abbreviated in uppercase with a preceding hyphen, (i.e. -NE).

All "region specific subdivision" names are parenthesized in uppercase (i.e. (ALGONQUIAN, NORTHEAST)).

All cuttered "culture group" or tribe names are in uppercase (i.e. ABNAKI).

All "tribe sub-group" names with specific cutter numbers are in upper-lower case followed by a colon and the culture group name to which it is associated (i.e. Adena:OHIO RIVER VALLEY). The second line cutter number O37a defines Ohio River Valley with specific reference to Adena.

All "tribe sub-group" names without specific cutter numbers are in upper-lower case followed by upper-lower case "See:." Most tribe sub-group names will be cuttered under their culture group name without distinction in classification (i.e. Chilkat See:TLINGIT).

All names that have preferred alternate names will be cross-referenced by upper case "SEE:." BBMSL has designated an alternate name in cases where there is a preferred spelling (ABENAKI SEE:ABNAKI), a preferred synonym (MESQUAKIE SEE:FOX), or a preferred place-name (BELLINGHAM BAY SEE:PUGET SOUND). This means that BBMSL uses the latter names in its cataloging system instead of the former names.