This series of web pages contains a copy of the Bunting Visual Resources 
Library's Classification Manual for organizing its analog images of Native 
American arts and architecture. The web pages are a response to a recurring 
question from colleagues in the visual resources field: "How do you organize 
your analog images of Native American artifacts?" 
We assign a unique three-line classification number to each image and file the
images according to the assigned number. The Classification Manual serves 
as a guideline for creating and assigning the number for each image based on 
the region, culture, and type of object depicted in the image.              
Included with the manual are two indices, a culture index and a site index.
The indices record culture and site names we have encountered over the years 
in a variety of diverse sources on Native American cultural heritage. The indices 
were developed to lead our catalogers from any culture or site name they might 
encounter when researching information about a Native American art object to 
the appropriate section of our Classification Manual. The indices were not and 
are not intended to serve any other purpose. 
If you have analog images of Native American artifacts you wish to organize for 
direct access, and if you feel our manual might be helpful, please feel free to 
refer to it. 

Table of Contents 

Numbering for Classification System

Arctic Arts
Arctic Architecture

Basin Arts
Basin Architecture

California Arts
California Architecture

Northeast Arts
Northeast Architecture - Prehistoric
Northeast Architecture - Historic
Northeast Index

Northwest Coast Arts
Northwest Coast Architecture

Plains Arts
Plains Architecture

Plateau Arts
Plateau Architecture

Southeast Arts
Southeast Architecture

Southwest Arts - file not yet completed
Southwest Architecture
Southwest Classification

Subarctic Arts
Subarctic Architecture


Introduction to Culture and Site Indices

    Native American Arts Culture Index 
               A through J
               K through R
               S through Z
    Native American Architectural Site Index
               A through I
               J through Q
               R through Z

Table of Contents for Third Line Categories

Third Line Construction Art Classification Types

Third Line Construction Architecture Classification Types