Native American Studies

The Bunting Visual Resources Library's collection of works related to Native American subjects and artists numbers over 25,000 images, representing over 1500 native artists and 500 tribal affiliations.


The Visual Resources Catalog of Native American Artists (VIRCONA)

VIRCONA is an online, searchable catalog of Native American artists represented in our collections, including thumbnail images of each artist's work.

Native American Classification Manual

is an online version of the Bunting Visual Resources Library's Classification Manual for organizing its analog images of Native American arts and architecture. We have made the manual available online to answer questions from colleagues in the visual resources field about how our collection is organized.



The Bunting Visual Resources Library offers two stipend-based internship programs to selected UNM graduate students. These internships include:

Visual Resources Internship

awarded to students pursuing graduate studies in the Arts of the Americas area of art history.

Digital Media Internship

awarded to students pursuing graduate studies at the University of New Mexico, preferably in the College of Fine Arts.

Application, comprised of a letter of interest and resume, should be directed to the BVRL Manager.

For more information about internships click here.