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Poems from Of Small Children Online

The Ornithology of Conviction
Turning between Two Skewed Horizons
Just How Green Things Work
Two Poems: To Become the Cup, and The View from Several Thousand Feet above Arlington Cemetary (and Climbing)
Poem/Art Collaboration and Interview: Interstate (abridged version of Hope in the Time of Finches)

Praise for Of Small Children

Hendrickson's literary prowess is plentiful, but what intrigues me most is how the collection calls us to embrace, fully, what's most formidable (and most innocent) in our own humanity. As if each shattering was merely a good throttle and every devastation could blossom on chain link. The smallest moments of truth. The largest. Line-break-grit / word-ache-gorgeous. How stark, how challenging and awkward, how irresistible our foibles become when rendered by Hendrickson!
- Lisa Gill, recipient of an NEA Fellowship in Poetry and author of five books, including Caput Nili and Red as a Lotus

Of Small Children / And Other Poor Swimmers is centered in the push-pull of place. Hendrickson wants to leave behind his Florida childhood, where every memory is still moist, but he continues ‘calling on the voices’ and crossing back, wading into love, loss and danger with vivid imagery.
- Lauren Camp, author of three collections of poetry, including One Hundred Hungers, and winner of The Dorset Prize (Tupelo Press)

Brian Hendrickson demands the inclusion of the real press of the discursive and meditative into his poems, by juxtaposing multiple levels of diction, and by frequently shifting between the anecdotal, the essayistic, and the lyrical. Through his careful use of these techniques, Hendrickson is able to achieve James Scully's ideal of ‘audacious speaking’: he refuses to capitulate either to the lyrical moment or the abstraction, and so his poetry exists and persists as an urgent place for utterance of consciousness.
- Don Winter, author of seven collections of poetry, including Saturday Night Desperate