Blue Mesa Review

A literary magazine.

Side A Contents

Track 1: Expect A Lot From This Story
Fiction by Donald Budge

Track 2: Charity
Fiction by Cara Blue Adams

Track 3: Vice
Poetry by Gary Jackson

Track 4: Prodigy
Poetry by Gary Jackson

Track 5: Captain Saturn Goes into Exile
Poetry by Gary Jackson

Track 6: A Conversation with Gary Jackson
An Interview by Dan Darling

Track 7: Blaupunkt
Poetry by Richard Kenefic

Track 8: Spaces Between
Creative Nonfiction by Matt Ferrence

Track 9: Meditations on the Preserved
Poetry by Israel Wasserstein

Track 10: Three Elegies for a New Year
Poetry by Linsdsay Wilson

Side B Contents

Track 1: To the Extra-Terrestrial Life Forms Who Might Someday Listen to Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark Was the Night (Cold Was the Ground)” Aboard Voyager 1
Poetry by Amorak Huey

Track 2: Judas Didn’t Wear Shoes Anyway
Fiction by Steven Ramirez

Track 3: Translation
Poetry by Blas Falconer

Track 4: Pong Ping
Creative Non-Fiction by Brian Doyle

Track 5: An Interview with Brian Doyle
An Interview by Nari Kirk

Track 6: Studies in Monogamy: Uncle George’s Last Request for Aunt Helen
Poetry by Nicelle Davis

Track 7: collector
Poetry by Craig Sullender

Track 8: Walking the Night
Fiction by Rachel Weaver

Track 9: The Atmosphere and Sun Endorse It
Poetry by Susan Varnot

Track 10: Re-Baptism
Poetry by James Bland

Track 11: The Sprites of Abilene
Fiction by Ryan Habermeyer

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