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Amy L. Brandzel
Assistant Professor
American Studies and Women Studies

University of New Mexico


Against Citizenship: Queer Intersections and the Violence of the Normative (In preparation)

Articles and Dissertation

Amy L. Brandzel and Jigna Desai, "Race, Violence, and Terror: The Cultural Defensibility of Heteromasculine Citizenship in the Virginia Tech Massacre and the Don Imus Affair," Journal of Asian American Studies, Spring 2008.

Amy L. Brandzel and Jigna Desai, "The Paradox of Impossible Desires: Queer Diasporic Critique and the Logics of Intelligibility," Journal of the History of Sexuality, 17.1 (2008): 145-150.

Amy L. Brandzel, "Queering the Subject(s) of Citizenship: Beyond the Normative Citizen in Law and History", Dissertation, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis): 2006.

Amy L. Brandzel, "Queering Citizenship? Same-Sex Marriage and the State," GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 11.2 (March 2005): 171-204.

Accepted or in Progress

Amy L. Brandzel, “Haunted by Citizenship: Whitenormative Citizen-Subjects and the Uses of History in Women’s Studies,” Feminist Studies; Accepted for Publication: December, 2007, (Probable date of publication is Fall/2011).

Amy L. Brandzel and Jigna Desai, "Racism without Recognition: Asian Americans in the New South, in Asian Americans in the New South;" Accepted for Publication: December, 2008, (Probable date of publication is Fall/2011).

Amy L. Brandzel and Jara Carrington, Review of Homo Phobias: Lust and Loathing across Time and Space, David A.B. Murray, ed. (Durham: Duke University Press, 2010); Forthcoming, Journal of Anthropological Research.

Amy L. Brandzel, “Monstrous Woman with Child: The Violence of “Partial Birth Abortion” and the Transgressions of Citizenship”

Amy L. Brandzel and Jigna Desai, “Transnational America in Blacksburg, Virginia: Asian America and 9/11”

Amy L. Brandzel, “Success = Demise: Intersectionality in Feminist Studies”

Amy L. Brandzel, “The Gender Trouble of Breast Cancer”


University of New Mexico: Women Studies, Mesa Vista Hall 2136 and American Studies, Humanities 454; brandzel@unm.edu