Research Interests
I am currently researching the grammaticization of signed languages, including an exploration of the gestural origins of signed languages. I am also interested in the expression of modal notions in signed languages.
I am also conducting a study of the emergence of intersubjective thought among Deaf children from Deaf families. This work is expected to lead to further studies of the linguistic and cognitive development of Deaf children.
I am also interested interpreting theory, and in the preparation of signed language interpreters.

I hold the
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Certificate of Interpreting and Certificate of Transliterating (CI/CT) and the Specialist Certificate in Legal Interpreting (SC:L) and the National Association of the Deaf Level-V Master Certificate.

Academic Profile
I received my Ph.D in Educational Linguistics (2000) from the University of New Mexico and my M.A in Education of the Deaf (1990) from Gallaudet University. I teach courses in Signed Language Interpreting (Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Practicum in Signed Language Interpreting).