Fall, 2004

Bruce M. Thomson



CE 441/541

Groundwater Engineering

Course Outline






Introduction, definitions, properties of aquifers & vadose zones

Ch. 1 & 2


Darcy's Law & groundwater flow

Ch. 3


Development of regional flow equations

Ch. 4 & 5


Well hydraulics - steady flow



Well hydraulics - transient flow



Exam 1 - Measurement of aquifer properties - pump tests

Ch. 10


Pump tests & slug tests - PUMPz

Ch. 12, Ch. 14


Water well drilling & construction

Ch. 7


Well development, screens & pumps



Vadose zone & soil moisture

Ch. 6


Regional flow & finite difference methods



Ground water modeling WHAEM, FLOWNETz

8.4-8.5, Ch. 13


Examination No. 2 Modeling continued



Ground water development & management

Ch. 15


Ground water contamination, monitoring & restoration

Ch. 16


Text: Schwartz, F.W., Zhang, H., (2003). Fundamentals of Ground Water, Wiley, ISBN 0-471-13785-5


Grading: Homework - 15 %

Midterm Exams - 50 %

Final Exam - 35 %

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