Budget Development / Salary Planner System Alerts

This page lists current known issues affecting the Budget Development and Salary Planner modules and the Reports.

Budget Development

No known issues have been reported.

Salary Planner


Salary Planner
If you use IE11, budgets on the Position and the Job may not zero out. An error message displays "You must enter text with 6 or fewer characters". The technical team is working to resolve the issue.
Work around
Type in the negative amount, highlight the change percent and select delete. Save the change.



An additional 12-Month Faculty scenario was inadvertently created which is causing the Budget Development Working Report to double up on 12-Month Faculty Salary. Our technical team is working to resolve the problem.
The technical team has gone out and deleted the DUPLICATED scenario. If you have positions/employees in the 12 month faculty scenario, please go into both Salary Planner and Budget Development to verify everything is correct.



The RStaff15 scenario is not displaying in Salary Planner. As a result the Budget’s in Budget Development will be out of balance. The technical team is working to resolve the issue.
Please stay out of Salary Planner and Budget Planner until the issue can be resolved.
The issue with the Regular Staff scenario and the budget development sync was caused by the overnight refresh process not being able to complete because of locked records due to end user activity when the refresh process kicked off at 11pm. The refresh for budget development and salary planner run nightly and processes generally start around 11pm and run until after 1am. To be safe, please make sure you log out completely from budget planner by 9:00pm so the issue does not happen again.