FY 2014/2015 Budget Development

Budget Calendars  
Budget Development Timeline PDF
Budget Development Calendar PDF

Strategic Budget Leadership Team (SBLT)  
Strategic Budget Leadership Team PDF
Agenda November 22, 2013 PDF
President's Budget Recommendation PDF
Budget Recommendation PDF
ROM Technical Project PDF
Formula Funding PDF
Agenda December 16, 2013 PDF
Revenue Overview PDF
Global Education Office Overview PDF
Agenda January 9, 2014 PDF
Minutes January 9, 2014 PDF
Legislative Update PDF
Agenda January 23, 2014 PDF
Minutes January 23, 2014 PDF
FY15 Funding Requests and Rate Changes PDF
Lottery Scholarship Funding PDF
FY15 Legislative Session Summary PDF
UNM Main Campus Budget Recommendation PDF
Tuition & Fee Analysis PDF
Projected FY15 Group Health Insurance Expense PDF
FY15 Software Funding (UNM Jobs and Learning Central) PDF
Utility Projection and Forecast PDF
Agenda February 6, 2014 PDF
Minutes February 6, 2014 PDF
Agenda February 21, 2014 PDF
Minutes February 21, 2014 PDF
UNM West Update PDF
Student Fee Review Board Preliminary Recommendations PDF
The Harwood Museum of Art PDF
FY13-14 Student Fees Projection PDF
FY15 Legislative Session Summary PDF
Student Activity Fee Allocation FY14-15 PDF
UNM SFRB Preliminary Recommendations PDF
Veterans Resource Center PDF
Agenda February 27, 2014 PDF
Minutes February 27, 2014 PDF
Financial Services Funding Request PDF
FY15 Academic Affairs New Funding PDF
SBLT Agenda March 6, 2014 PDF
Minutes March 6, 2014 PDF
New Mexico Leadership Institute Funding Request PDF
Office of the VP for Research Funding Request PDF
Staff Council Funding Request PDF
Tuition & Fee Policy Committee PDF
New Mexico Leadership Institute PDF
SFRB Final Recommendations PDF
Agenda March 13, 2014 PDF
Minutes March 13, 2014 PDF
College of Population Health Budget Request PDF
College of Population Health PDF
Branch Campus Budget Overviews PDF
Minimum Wage Analysis PDF
Health Care Premium Increases PDF
Agenda March 19, 2014 PDF
Minutes March 19, 2014 PDF
Agenda March 20, 2014 PDF
Minutes March 20, 2014 PDF

Results Oriented Management (ROM)  
A Guide to the new Results Oriented Management Budget Model PDF
Executive Presentation PDF
Forecasting Tool Overview PDF
Academic Forecasting Tool Calendar PDF
Deans' Retreat October 18, 2013 PDF
A&S Chairs October 21, 2013 PDF
COE Chairs November 4, 2013 PDF
President's Administrative Report November 12, 2013 PDF

Tuition and Fee Policy Committee  
Grad Tuition Blocked at 12 PDF
Grad Tuition Blocked at 14 PDF
Grads 13+ Load PDF
Graduate Tuition Options PDF
Guaranteed Tuition Model PDF
Outline of TFPC Report PDF
Recommended Policy Revisions PDF
TFPC Charge from Provost PDF
TFPC Committee PDF
TFPC Work Plan 2014 PDF
TFPC Work Plan PDF
Tuition and Fee Recommendation for FY13 PDF
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