Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Budget Revisions    
1901 Budgeted Use of Reserves PDF
Budget Allocation PDF
Budget Transfer PDF

UAP 7000 Categorization of Reserves    
Categorization of Reserves (CAR) Navigation PDF
Category and Category Type Definitions PDF
Department Checklist PDF
Student Affairs/Foundation/Colleges/Branch Checklist PDF
EVP Provost/EVP Administration Checklist PDF
Deficit Compliance and Balance Reports PDF
Categorization of Reserves (CAR) E-Print Reports PDF

Projected Actuals    
Create Projected Actuals Worksheet PDF
Projected Net Reserve By Index Report PDF
Projection Indices Not Modified Report PDF
Main Campus Current Unrestricted Financial Projections by Exhibit Report PDF
Budget to Projected Actuals Report PDF
Projections Working Report PDF
HSC Budget Year Financial Projections Report PDF

Budget Development    
Adjust Index Budgets PDF
Maintain Organizational Locks PDF
Budget Development Working Report PDF
Operating Budget Summary Report PDF
Index Out of Balance Exception Report PDF
Organization Summary Report PDF
Budgeted Account Code Report PDF
Budgeted Transfers/Allocations Report PDF
Budgeted Account Code Totals Report PDF
Budgeted Index/Account Comments Report PDF
Budgeted Indices Not Modified Report PDF

Salary Planner    
Salary Planner Screen Information PDF
Request Access to Salary Planner & Budget Development PDF
Apply Salary Updates-Regular Staff PDF
Apply Salary Updates-Bargaining Units PDF
Budgeting for Pooled Positions PDF
Apply Salary Updates-12 Month Faculty PDF
Apply Salary Updates-9 Month Faculty PDF
Organization Lock PDF
Salary Planner Working Report PDF
Salary Planner Exception Report PDF

Branch Reporting    
Deadlines-FY15 HED Report of Actuals-Branch Campus Submission Memo PDF
NM HED State Format Document PDF
NM HED Budget Adjustment Request (BAR) PDF
Branch Campus HED Report of Actuals PDF
Branch Campus HED State Format (May 1st) Document PDF
Branch FYE - Actuals Summary and Detail PDF
Report Preparation and Submission Checklists PDF

Foundation Surcharge Information 2015 PDF
Budget Planner Online Course / Navigation and How-To PDF
Budget Planner Approval Workflow PDF
Dollar and $en$e Budget Overview (see Learning Central)  
Budget Planner Tips & Tricks PDF
Understanding Positions in Banner and UNMJobs PDF
Managing Positions in UNMJobs Quick Reference Sheet PDF
Salary Planner Training PDF  
State Appropriation Accounting Presentation PDF
State Appropriation Accounting Manual PDF
Financial Reporting for Public Institutions in New Mexico PDF