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Revision Assessment

Below are some questions to help you find out where you need to focus your revision efforts. These questions also display all the areas a writer should address when engaging in the revision process.


It's good to start with content first, in order to make sure you're getting your point across clearly and completely enough.

Organization & Structure

Grammar & Mechanics

This area of revision is often less time consuming than content and reorganization because concrete rules apply to most grammatical/mechanical errors. Use your handbook, The College Writer's Reference for College Writing, or come to the Writing Lab; we have many excellent handouts regarding the principles of grammar.

Proofreading & Fine Tuning

This step should NOT be neglected. When instructors become distracted by lack of proofreading in an essay, they will usually mark points off. Proofreading errors like typos and misspelled words will distract the reader's attention away from what the author is trying to say. Are all your words spelled correctly? (Hint: Remember your spell check will not catch words that sound the same yet have different spellings and meanings i.e. they're/their/there, affect/effect, hear/ here.)

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