CCMC Research Projects

Catalysts and Porous Materials

1. Development of Super-Hydrophobic and Self-Assembled Materials by Sol-Gel Routes — Jeff Brinker (PI), New Project

2. Adsorption/Desorption Characteristics of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Bacteria — Gabe Lopez (PI)

3. Fundamental Studies of Catalyst Sintering — Abhaya Datye (PI)

4. Mesoporous Oxide Materials — Abhaya Datye (PI)

5. Characterization of Heteroepitaxial Growth on Patterned Silicon Surfaces — Abhaya Datye (PI)

Au in SiO2: Au Nanoparticles in Mesoporous Silica


Powder Synthesis and Processing

1. The Effect of Powder Anisotropy on Sintering for Ceramic Materials — Roger Cannon and Veena Tikare (SNL) (PIs)

2. Conformal Plasma Coating of Particles for Polymer Composites — Don Weinkauf (PI, NMIMT)

3. Plasma Torch Production of Novel Materials — Jonathan Phillips (PI)

4. The Role of Chemical and Physical Powder Uniformity on Microstructure-Property Relationships in Ceramics — Richard Riman (PI)

5. The Determination and Control of Water in Ceramics — Richard Riman (PI)

6. Experimental and FE Modeling Study of Co-sintering Multilayer, Multifunctional Ceramic Structures — M. John Matthewson and W. Roger Cannon (PIs)

7. Additive Removal from Consolidated Ceramics — Richard Haber (PI)

8. Particle Orientation in Green Microstructures — Richard Haber (PI)

9. Fabrication of Fine Grained Refractory Metals and Refractory Metal Alloys by Powder Metallurgical Methods — Dinesh Agrawal (PI)

10. Densification Stresses and Distortions Produced by Density Gradients — David Green, Gary Messing (PIs)

11. Uniformity of Simultaneous Powder Deposition in Multiple Dies - Tester Design and Development, Measurement and Modeling — Virenda Puri (PI)


Flow Behavior of Epoxy Slip Loaded with 57 Vol. % AlN


Materials for Energy Conversion

1. Nano-Electrode Arrays based on Anodized Aluminum Oxide — Gabriel Lopez and Dmitri Brevnov (PD)(PIs)

2. Fabrication of Pd/Ag Supported Membranes from Submicron Powders and Inks — Tim Ward (PI)

3. Enzymatic Bio-Fuel Cells — Plamen Atanassov (PI)

4. Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells — Plamen Atanassov (PI)

5. Short-Range-Order Electroactive Materials for High-Energy Rechargeable Lithium Batteries — John Xu (PI)


AAO Pores: Anodized Aluminum Oxide Membranes and Arrays


Structural Ceramics and Ceramic Armor

1.Determination of the Root Cause of the Poor Ballistic Performance of Boron Carbide Above a Threshold Impact Pressure — Manish Chhowalla and Dale Niesz (PIs)

2. Determination of the Detectability of Critical Defects in Armor Ceramics by Selected NDE Techniques — Richard Haber and Dale Niesz (PIs)

3. Relation of Quasi-Static Properties to Ballistic Performance of Armor Ceramics — Roger Cannon and George Quinn (NIST) (PIs)

4. Tailored Microstructures for Ceramic Armor Materials — Richard Haber and Dale Niesz (PIs)


Si3N4 Damage: Material Displacement and Uplift Along the Sides of an Indentation


Nanomaterials Particulate Synthesis and Processing

1. Nanoparticle Formation by Spray Pyrolysis — Gary Messing (PI)

2. Dispersion of Nanoscale alpha-Al2O3 as a Function of Phase and Degree of Hydration — James Adair (PI)

3. Determination of the Solution and Colloidal Chemistry of Metal Acetylacetonates in Aqueous Suspensions — James Adair (PI)

4. Electrophoretic Deposition Studies of Nanoparticles for Thin Films and Coatings — James Adair and Clive Randall (PIs)

5. Absorption and Light Scattering of Small Particle Pigments — William White and James Adair (PIs)

6. Nanoparticle Formation by Spray Pyrolysis — Gary Messing

BaTiO3: Hydrothermal Synthesis of BaTiO3