Welcome CEP Alumni

The College Enrichment Program was created at the University of New Mexico over 40 years ago. In those years, CEP has helped numerous students in reaching their personal and academic goals. We hope that this alumni association can continue to serve as a network for CEP Alums as well as offer support to CEP undergraduate students. The program has grown and expanded into various programs to assist students in succeeding in college. Make sure you take the time to browse the CEP homepage to see the wonderful programs that have been incorporated. Please make sure you register as a CEP Alumn!

Memory Lane

CEP was created over 40 years ago. To take part in CEP a student was required to attend an orientation. Still today, students must participate in a freshman orientation program. Look on how much it has changed...

Orientation 40 years ago to the present time:

  • First CEP orientation students participated in a summer long residential program.
  • During the late 70's, students attended a month long orientation program.
  • In the 80's students stayed for a 2 week orientation program.
  • The 90's required students to become oriented for a week. At this point, CEP was the only form of orientation. UNM decided to make orientation mandatory for all students so LOBO orientation was established to service all incoming freshmen.
  • The Late 90's to present CEP offers students a four day/three night orientation.
  • Today, CEP's staff consist of six program coordinators/academic counselors, one director, and two administrative assistants. In addition, we have over 20 educational assistants who mentor/tutor freshmen students. Second and Third year students, are guided by six mentors with skills and expertise in their respective fields.

CEP Alumni Board

At this time, we are recruiting CEP Alumni to serve on the CEP Alumni Board. These individuals can aid in the development and direction of the College Enrichment Program. Please send an email if you are interested in serving on the CEP board to stiney@unm.edu.

Duties include:

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Assisting with planning Alumni Events
  • Sign-up drive/ getting the word out to other alumns

Message Board

If you would like us to post any type of information on the CEP alumni message board, please email stiney@unm.edu.

CEP Alumni Registration

CEP Alumns are joining forces to help current CEP undergraduate students in the areas of mentoring, connecting to careers, sharing community service opportunities, and connecting with former CEP Alumns. If you would like to become a member, please send the following information via email to stiney@unm.edu:

  • Full Name
  • Year of Graduation
  • Major
  • Current Occupation
  • Address
  • Phone Number