ABQ businesses still selling synthetic marijuana despite NM ban
    By Justin Nunz
    The marijuana substitute known as "spice" is a problem the Albuquerque Police Department deals with on a daily basis, despite the fact New Mexico became the 16th state to ban this synthetic marijuana.

2010 US Census report shows women make 77 cents to men's $1 nationwide
    By Cesar Davila
    Across the country, women are getting shortchanged. A recent U.S. Census Bureau report shows women earn 77 cents to every man's $1 on average. In New Mexico, it's 79 cents. Hispanic women earn even less at 66 cents.

Native studies program, student groups collaborate on culture awareness
    By Lucas Peralta
    The University of New Mexico's Native American ethnic student groups aim to expand awareness of Native issues by exposing campus students to Native culture.

Historic KiMo Theatre audiences continue to grow
    By Lindsey Padilla
    The KiMo Theatre opened in 1927. Throughout the years it has encountered changes and continues to have audiences coming back in even greater numbers for special events, movie premieres, performances and plays.

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