Former UNM football players take different paths after graduation

By Edmundo Carrillo / CJ 475 Reporter
Posted Dec. 6, 2012

A video game nerd, a motorcycle enthusiast and an aspiring Pixar animator can all be found on — a college football team?

Former players talk about future
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By Edmundo Carrillo

See what these former Lobos like to do in their free time.

Former UNM football players Lucas Reed, B.R. Holbrook and Joseph Harris all have different plans after graduation.

Reed, a 6'6", 235-pound tight end from Tucson, Ariz., plans on taking his skills to the NFL. Before he attempts to take his talents to the professional ranks next season, he will try to impress NFL scouts at the seniors-only East-West Shrine game on Jan. 19, 2013.

"If I can prove that I can catch in the Senior Bowl, block in front of the scouts and make myself look good, I think I have a good shot of getting drafted," Reed said.

Football isn't the only thing on Holbrook's plate. He and his fiance, Olivia Watkins, are expecting their first child, Madeline Pearl, in February. He found out Watkins was pregnant just before the season started. Teammates said Holbrook was stressed when he heard the news.

"There were a lot of emotions (at first), but now I'm really excited," Holbrook said.

Harris, a film enthusiast, said he hopes to be an animator.

"I would like for someone to create a character, send that character to me and then I'll make that character move," Harris said. "Whether it's a robot, a monster or a human being, I like making things move."

Harris has had small parts in the shows "Breaking Bad," "Person of Interest" and was a bar patron in a commercial for Tavern Taxi.

Outside of football, these men enjoy different hobbies. Reed is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to play video games into all hours of the night.

"Me and a lot of my friends play video games a lot," Reed said. "Mostly a lot of competitive multiplayer stuff."

All three men were roommates their freshman year, and Harris said Reed would wake him up at 3 a.m. because he was playing video games in his room.

"I would hear pounding on the floor and cussing, so I would walk in there to make sure he was okay," Harris said. "He was just up playing 'World of Warcraft.'"

Holbrook said he likes to be in the mountains and riding his motorcycle.

"I like it all," Holbrook said. "I like to go up to Sandia and hiking, and I like long-boarding around town. I also like riding my motorcycle and being around motorsports."

Harris, a native of Denver, Colo., said he enjoys skiing and snowboarding. He also rides a unicycle. Even though he is enjoying his break from football, he said he would not mind playing professionally.

"I would love to train and try to go to the next level," Harris said. "If not in the NFL, then maybe Canada or the arena (league). Football is just fun, and I wouldn't mind taking it to the next level."