Local company designs app for medical files to go digital

By Denise Marquez / CJ 475 Reporter
Posted Dec. 6, 2012

Work the old clipboard and pen did in doctor's offices is being replaced by the iPad.

Seamless Medical Systems, a Santa Fe technology company, created a program called SNAP. The SNAP software was created for clinic and hospital patients to fill out all medical information and forms.

New app replacing doctor's clipboard
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By Denise Marquez

Medical professionals and Seamless Medical Systems creative director share what SNAP app can do.

"We're very much patient focused. We've replaced the paper forms that patients traditionally fill out with digital forms on the iPad," said Liz Lake, creative director at Seamless Medical Systems.

David Perez, founder and CEO of Seamless Medical Systems, created the first comprehensive iPad-based platform for healthcare waiting rooms. The company just launched SNAP and is in their beta-base stage, which means trying the new software with particular clinics before releasing it to the general public.

"We're based in Santa Fe and our primary target base has been within Santa Fe, but come 2013 our plan is to also be available nationwide," Lake said.

LifeCare Health Services in Santa Fe is the first to test out the new software. "It's a very good format I'm glad that they (Seamless Medical Systems) chose us to start the beta site," said Dr. Elaine Montano, owner of LifeCare Health Services. "Our staff likes it tremendously, I like it tremendously."

So what will SNAP do? It will do everything from patient paperwork being transferred to an electronic database, to entertaining patients while they wait to be seen. "SNAP EDU is our health education platform," Lake said. "Based on what you fill out in your registration form, if you have diabetes or based on your gender and age, we push information that is relevant to you."

The main goal of SNAP is to reduce costs for medical practices by eliminating the need for paper and reduce patient data errors explained Lake.

LifeCare Health Services' receptionist Charlotte Kelle said, "One of the first benefits is the lack of use of paper, another benefit is lack of needing to file. Filing before took up an enormous amount of time."

"Not only do we make the practice's life and the front desk administrative staff lives easier, but also to make the patients have a much more enjoyable and educational and informative experience while they're at their doctor," Lake said.

SNAP will offer SNAP Essentials on iTunes app store, which will provide a library of primary care forms that any clinic can download. SNAP Enterprise will be for larger medical practices and will be offered in 2013.