New workout inspires community and stability

By Tamon Rasberry / CJ 475 Reporter
Posted Dec. 10, 2012

A new gym has just opened in downtown Albuquerque that offers its local community an opportunity for change in fitness. Zero Point Parkour and Fitness is a gym specializing in the workout known as Parkour.

New gym encourages stability
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By Tamon Rasberry

See and hear more about this new workout trend.

Parkour originates from a training discipline that developed out of military obstacle-course training. This exercise can be traced back to around World War I. A French officer by the name of Georges Herbert was promoted for his athletic skills during the war. His skill is based off of his interest of indigenous tribes he had met in Africa.

During World War I and II Herbert's courses for athletic training continued to expand. The training evolved the standard French military education and training.

Daniel and Donna French decided to open a Parkour gym because of their acceptance on a game show called "Ninja Warrior." This game show displays the Parkour style that has swept the nation. They also felt there's a large percentage of the community who would enjoy experiencing this particular workout.

Daniel said, "Parkour is technically moving from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Parkour has cultivated national popularity and has become an increasingly sought after sport. The University of New Mexico's campus has also had participators performing this technique on the grounds.

"This workout is a method of training as well as acquiring a fitness level that's high enough to be able to allow someone to perform," Daniel said.

No accidents have yet been reported on the UNM campus due to the dangerous actions sometimes performed. Campus police however have been asked to keep a close watch on possible injuries.

Mike Tuttle, manager of insurance and claims at UNM, said he's never even heard of the workout up until now.

"There haven't been any accidents reported regarding these stunts," he said.

Camilo Brokaw is a martial artist who has trained for seven years. He now also teaches lessons at UNM for Parkour.

"I was so impressed when I was introduced to footage of Parkour," he said. "I never thought that this was something a person could be capable of doing."

Brokaw's course on UNM's campus meets in front of Johnson Gym to practice their moves.

Zero Point Gym facilitates courses on Parkour as well. These courses are set for all ages ranging from toddlers to senior citizens.

Donna explained that Zero Point encourages diversity. "This sport is amazing and great for everyone," she said. "What makes this sport so great, especially for women, is that even when you're training you don't feel like you're training."