Enter a new world in Spain 2009


Home sweet home in Spain.

Conexiones: Spain

An intensive Spanish language and culture Study Abroad Program


The University of New Mexico, through the University Honors Program and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, presents Conexiones- an intensive program of Culture and Language study at UNM and the field sites, Trujillo (Extremadura) and Salamanca (Castilla-León), Spain. Conexiones offers students up to ten semester hours' credit, with two orientation sessions at UNM and thirty three days of field session.


Conexiones offers students an extraordinary and unique experience. The field session will start in Salamanca, where we stay three days in a local hotel and the rest of the program (four weeks) will be in Trujillo. During the Conexiones field session, storks, seasonal residents of Trujillo, nest in town towers and roofs.


Students will live with a host family in Trujillo, a city whose history and architecture represents in itself the history of Spain (from Iberians and Romans, Moors and Christians, to the famous Spanish nightlife, modern architecture and cyber cafés). Students will attend classes in a 15th century restored convent, the site of the Fundación Xavier de Salas, an institution created with the purpose of studying and disseminating the theme of connections between Extremadura and the Americas. Weekly excursions are part of the program, including the visit to the medieval city of Cáceres and the Roman city of Mérida. Some highlights of the program are: a behind scenes tour of the ancient library at the University of Salamanca (one of the oldest in Europe), a day at a bull ranch in Salamanca, attendance at a performance of Classic Theater at the Roman Amphitheater of Mérida, a visit to the medieval town and monastery of Guadalupe and a day in the sister city of Alburquerque, with a tour through its medieval castle.