John Crow's Spain: The Root and Flower is a required text.


Students will read selections from John Hooper's The New Spaniards



Students taking Conexiones generally sign up for one Honors seminar (UHON 301 worth 1 credit hour), and one or more Honors Independent Studies (UHON 399 worth 1 credit hour) and one or more Spanish courses for a maximum total of 10 credit hours over the summer semester.


Conexiones students attend small intensive classes (3 hours daily) and lectures in Spanish. The UNM professors are assisted by Spanish teachers and lecturers. Experiential assignments in Spanish dovetail with work in the Honors culture study course. All students must register for one of the following courses: Spanish 200, 301, or 429 (each worth 3 credit hours). Students in Spanish 200 and 301 are welcome to sign up for Spanish 203.


Students will be required to purchase the texts listed below and read assigned selections from the text in preparation for the field study:


  • Crow, John A., Spain. The Root and the Flower
  • Selections from Hooper, John, The New Spaniards
  • America‚Äôs Hispanic Heritage. Deep Roots. Continuing Enrichment (three audio tapes)


An essay on the readings and the audio tapes is due on May 18.