2007 instructors: Celia, Jeremy, and Margo.


Celia López-Chávez, Director and Associate Professor, University Honors Program,

505-277-2169, celialop@unm.edu

Celia is the director of Conexiones Spain 2011. She brings to this program a long experience of leading international programs in Spain and Argentina. Since 1997 she has been director of the Conexiones Spain program in four summers and co-director of the 2011 Fall semester in Trujillo (Spain). She received her Ph.D. in Geography and History with focus on Latin American history at the Universidad de Sevilla. She is an Associate Professor in the University Honors Program in which she teaches seminars on Latin America.   


Margo Chávez-Charles, Assistant to the Director and Adjunct Instructor, University Honors Program, 505-277-4315, margocc2126@yahoo.com

Margo is an instructor in the University Honors Program. She has worked with the Conexiones Spain Program since its inception in 1995, serving either as Program Coordinator or Spanish Language Instructor. She has also worked with the Conexiones Mexico and Nicaraguaprograms. She encourages learning the language while having fun exploring the culture.


Damián Vergara Wilson, Coordinator, Sabine Ulibarrí Spanish as a Heritage Language Program, Assistant Professor in Spanish and Portuguese, 505-277-4329, damianvw@unm.edu

Damián is the coordinator of the Sabine Ulibarrí Spanish as a Heritage Language program in the UNM Department of Spanish and Portuguese where he also gives graduate and undergraduate courses in Spanish linguistics. He has been a student and instructor in Conexiones México, and has been an instructor in Conexiones Nicaragua.One of his chief interests is using his background in linguistics to inform and enrich language learning.


Anna Sánchez Rufat, Spanish 439 faculty, Professor of Spanish as foreign Language, Universidad de Extremadura (Spain) annasanchezrufat@hotmail.com

Anna is a resident of Spain and acquired her PhD from the University of Extremadura. She has taught language and literature at the Fundación Xavier de Salas, the site of the Conexiones program. She is experienced in the teaching of Spanish to speakers of other languages, having taught Spanish in England, where she also studied as the recipient of scholarships at the Universities of Exeter and of Cambridge. She taught with the Conexiones Program in 2009.