Relics of a time gone, but the language and culture still survive.



Salamanca is a lovely university city of golden stone, narrow streets and beautiful Renaissance buildings. Iberian in origin, Salamanca was conquered in the 3rd century BC by Hannibal, flourished under the Romans who built the Roman bridge across the Tormes, and invaded repeatedly by the Moors, who were expelled in 1085.


Salamanca is one of the glories of Spain with an unsurpassed 18th century Plaza Mayor and is a very well known center of education. The university, one of the first in Europe, was established in 1215. Being a university city, Salamanca's streets and squares are always full of students and it has a lively night-life.


During the visit in Salamanca students will have the opportunity to explore Spanish history, architecture and language as well as become familiar with Spanish culture. A few of the exciting experiences students can look forward to are:

  • A behind scenes tour of the ancient library at the University of Salamanca
  • Discovering the history and beauty of Salamanca's architecture
  • Guided tour of the University of Salamanca by a Spanish professor
  • A visit to the medieval town of La Alberca
  • A day at a bull ranch in Salamanca.