Frequently Asked Questions of UNM Copy Center

Q. Where is the Copy Center Located?
A. We have three convenient campus locations:

  • Dane Smith Hall, Room 124
  • COE Technology & Education Center, Room 176
  • Basic Medical Sciences Building, Room B55

Q. How much do you charge for black and white copies?
A. Our cost for black and white copies is 4 cents each per side.

Q. How long does it take for you to complete my order?
A. We usually guarantee for a 24 hour turnaround depending on the size of the job.  If you need it sooner please ask for Theresa.

Q. How much do you charge for delivering my order?
A. As long as you live in Albuquerque, delivery is free.  With any other location, we would get UPS pricing.

Q. How much do you charge for Color Copies?
A. We charge $0.40 each side for 8.5 x 11.

Q. What other papers do I have to choose from?
A. We try to carry most of the popular pastel colors, about 10 different bright colors and a few certificate style papers in various sizes.

Q. Do you have the ability to do a mail merge?
A. We do the on-campus personalized mailings.  If your brochure is going to be mailed to addresses off campus, we will print your order and send it to UNM Mailing Systems to address.

Q. What are the different bindings you offer?
A. We currently have the state of the art Coil punch and coil inserting machines.  We also have a hand punch 19 ring plastic bind.  Our machines can staple or 3 hole punch.

Q. How do I order business cards?
A. All the current information is listed on our website at  Smaller quantities and quick turnaround we would do in house.  For larger quantities and press quality, there are three printers to choose from that have been awarded the contract for this printing.

Q. Do you have the ability to burn CD’s?
A. We do have a company that we can sub-contract CD work to.

Q. Can faculty or staff copy their personal projects?
A. This is one of the many benefits that the University offers.  The cost would be the same as if we would be billing your department.

Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We will take your personal checks, your P-card, your Visa or your department Purchase Requisition.

Q. How do I go about getting an estimate from you?
A. Well, since you are here, we would suggest you use our online estimate request form. Otherwise, the best way to ensure that we get all the information necessary to do an accurate quote is to call us and talk with one of our customer service representatives.

Q. How do I submit my class materials for the students to purchase?
A. Most of the instructors will bring copies of their materials in to the Copy Center.  We will make a cover and scan all the materials into a program that all of our copy machines understand.  We will produce a percentage of the material for the first day of class.  When that inventory is gone, we will produce the materials for the students within a couple of hours once they have pre-paid.  We are also able to create packets from your electronic e-mailed files and follow the same process.

Q. Do you print posters?
A. We do have a wide format printer.  We have the capability of printing 24” by 90” or 36” by 90” in color.  The price is $4.00 per square foot.

Q. Are you able to mount posters on to foam core?
A. Yes, we do have poster mounting equipment.  The price for mounting is $5.00 a square foot.  We are able to mount up to 60” in length.

Q. At what resolution should I save my photos and graphics?
A. Resolution should be set to 300 dpi. Pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution, typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi. Avoid these graphics, as they will appear pixilated and blocky when printed.
Also note that you should save all photos in CMYK mode, not RGB mode when possible. Images saved in RGB mode may not print properly. If you are unable to save your image in CYMK mode, please let us know.

Q. Is white considered a printing color?
A. Not typically. Because white is the default color of paper, it is simply recognized as the absence of any ink. However, when using colored paper, white ink may be used if any text or graphic requires it.

Q. What type of electronic files do you accept?
A. Our first choice would be PDF, although we can accept various types.

Q. Tips on how to save your design files:
A. Make them print ready and acceptable for us to print.

Saving your Corel Draw file as an Adobe Illustrator EPS
• Embed all Images
• Convert all your text/copy to outline fonts
• Export as Illustrator EPS

• Embed all Images
• Convert all your text/copy to paths
• Export as Illustrator EPS or PDF

Saving your PageMaker file as an EPS
• Embed all Images
• Convert all your text/copy to outline fonts
• Export your file as an EPS using the below settings:
Postscript Level 2
TIFF format and

You will need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat PDF. If you don’t please download and use our Adobe Job Ready Program. If you do have the full version of Adobe Acrobat PDF please follow the steps below.
Under File, Print, select Adobe PDF writer
Under Properties select Press Quality and Save your PDF

Q. What file format should I use when submitting my electronic document for printing?
A. PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most common and preferred file format for submitting digital documents. With the installation of a PDF print driver on your computer, virtually any program can generate a PDF file suitable for printing. Both commercial and free PDF print drivers are available online for download from different sources.

Q. What is a "proof"?
A. A proof is a way of ensuring that we produce your project accurately and that everything is positioned according to your requirements. Typically, we will produce a proof which will be sent to you online or printed on paper which can be viewed in our store or delivered to you in person.

For multiple color jobs, we can produce a color proof on our color output device to show how the different colors will appear.

Q. What is the Pantone Matching System?
A. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color reproduction standard in which colors all across the spectrum are each identified by a unique, independent number. The use of PMS allows us to precisely match colors and maintain color consistency throughout the printing process.

Q. What type of products and services do you provide?
A. Good question! We are a full service shop and offer a wide range of products and services. To see a full listing and description of what we can offer you, checkout out the Products & Services page on our website.

Q. Why do the printed colors look different from the colors on my screen?
A. In short, printers and monitors produce colors in different ways.

Monitors use the RGB (red, green, blue) color model, which usually supports a wider spectrum of colors. Printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color model, which can reproduce most—but not all—of the colors in the RGB color model. Depending on the equipment used, CMYK generally matches 85–90% of the colors in the RGB model.

When a color is selected from the RGB model that is out of the range of the CMYK model, the application chooses what it thinks is the closest color that will match. Programs like Adobe Photoshop will allow you to choose which color will be replaced. Others may not.