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"Identifying Technologies to Improve Regional Water Stewardship: A Conference Series Featuring Intersections of Technology and Water Management North-Middle Rio Grande Corridor"

April 21-22, 2004

Prospectus, Executive Summary, Conference Agenda, and Table of Contents.pdf
Roger L. Hagengruber, Chair and James Bradbury, Co-Chair, (University of New Mexico

+ Session 1: Setting the Context

Water & Public Opinion in New Mexico.pdf
Roger L.Hagengruber (University of New Mexico)

International Aspects of Water Management.pdf
Michael E. Campana (University of New Mexico

Role of Technology for New Mexico Water Management: State Perspective.pdf
Rolf Schmidt-Petersen (New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission

Water Resources and Technology: Municipal Perspective.pdf
John M. Stomp, III, P.E. (City of Albuquerque

The Role of Technology in Active Water Resource Management.pdf
John R. D'Antonio, P.E. (New Mexico State Engineer

+ Session 2: Technologies Related to Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency

Evaporation Suppression Research and Applications for Water Management.pdf
Mike Hightower and Gary Brown, Sandia National Labs

Hydroponic Green Forage.pdf
Hector M. Leon Gallegos, Consultant (Sandia National Labs

Systems Assessment of Water Savings Impact of Controlled Environment Agriculture Forage Production.pdf
Phillip Pohl, Ronald C. Pate, Cassandra Shaw, and Darryl D. Drayer (Sandia National Labs

Water Conservation Techniques in Irrigation: Trends & Technology.pdf
Phillip Pohl, Ronald C. Pate, Cassandra Shaw, and Darryl D. Drayer (Sandia National Labs

Water Depletions from Soil Evaporation.pdf
John C. Stormont and Julie Coonrod (University of New Mexico

The Current State of the System: Water Management and the ET Toolbox.pdf
Steven Bowser (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation)

+ Session 3: Technologies for Evaluating Sources, Transport, & Hydrogeologic Architecture

Linked Surface Water and Groundwater Model for San Acacia Reach as a Tool to Support Decision Making Analysis.pdf
Nabil G. Shafike (NM Interstate Stream Commission)

Numerical Models and Water Resources.pdf
George Zyvoloski, Velimir V. Vesselinov, and Elizabeth Keating (Los Alamos National Labs

Characterization of Groundwater Using Nonreacting and Reacting Tracers.pdf
Paul W. Reimus and Bruce A. Robinson (Los Alamos National Labs

Activities of the Jemez y Sangre New & Expanded Water Technologies Committee.pdf
Sigmund Silber (Jemez y Sangre Water Planning Council

Water Warning: It's Not Just the Drought.pdf
Baird Swanson (New Mexico Environment Department

Collaborative: River Interaction & Observation (Rio) Laboratory Network - A Laboratory Network to Investigate the Rio Grande.pdf
Bruce M. Thomson, Julie Coonrod (University of New Mexico), and Enrique Vivoni (New Mexico Tech

+ Session 4: Technologies Related to Water Quality: Measurement, Treatment, & Remediation

Aqueous Geochemistry of Uranium and Arsenic: Los Alamos and Surrounding Areas, New Mexico.pdf
Patrick Longmire, Dale Counce, Elizabeth Keating (Los Alamos National Labs), and Michael Dale,
Kim Granzow (NMED DOE Oversight Bureau)

Arsenic in the Groundwaters of New Mexico: Challenges and Potential Solutions.pdf
Malcolm Siegel, Thomas Hinkebein, Brian Dwyer, Patrick Brady (Sandia National Labs)

New and Emerging Groundwater Remediation Techniques.pdf
H. Eric Nuttall and Lomesh Dutta (Dept. of Chem./Nuc. Engineering, University of New Mexico)

Vadose-Zone Contaminant Transport Modeling: Quantifying Uncertainty for Risk Assessment .pdf
Kay Birdsell, Bruce Robinson, Velimir Vesselinov, Brent Newman, and Diana Hollis (Los Alamos National Labs) and
Paul Davis,( Environlogic, Inc.)

Water Treatment Technology for Oil and Gas Produced Water.pdf
E.J. Sullivan (Los Alamos Natioinal Labs), R.S. Bowman (New Mexico Tech), L. Katz, and
K. Kinney (UT-Austin)

Desalination Technology Development and Potential Applications in New Mexico.pdf
Mike Hightower (Sandia National Labs)

Technical Challenges to Concentrate Disposal from Inland Desalination.pdf
Dr. Kerry J. Howe, P.E. (Dept. of Civil Engineering, UNM)

+ Session 5: Water Allocation & Use, Economic Issues, Evapotransportation, & Ecosystem Monitoring

Including Tradeoffs in Stakeholder Water Allocation Decisions: An Experimental Approach.pdf
Kate Krause, Janie M.Chernak, David S. Brookshire, Karl Benedict, and Richard Watson (University of New Mexico

Optimal Cropping and the Potential Impact of a Water Market on an Agrarian Community: A Case Study of the San Luis Valley, Colorado.pdf
Mary Ewers, Janie M. Chernak, and David S. Brookshire (University of New Mexico

Zeronet Water for Energy: Managing Water for Power Production.pdf
Cathy Wilson and Dan Macug (Los Alamor National Labs

Tools to Understand the Impact of Drought on Plant and Ecosystem Carbon Water Balance.pdf
Nate G. McDowell and David D. Breshear (Los Alamos National Labs

State-of-the-Art Technologies for Evaluating Water Use by Riparian Vegetation: UNM Hydrogeoecology and the Middle Rio Grande.pdf
James R. Cleverly, Clifford N. Dahm, and James R. Thibault (University of New Mexico

Adaptive Remote Sensing Software Tools for Improving Regional Water Stewardship.pdf
Steven P. Brumby (Los Alamos National Labs

Habitat Availability vs. Flow Rate for the Pecos River, Part 1: Depth and Velocity Availability.pdf
Jesse D. Roberts, Scott C. James, and Richard A. Jepsen (Sandia National Labs

+ Session 6: Tools & Technologies for Multidisciplinary Data Integration, Modeling, & System Studies

Development of a Technological Approach for Getting Satellite Information and Derived Products to End Users in Real Time.pdf
Louis A. Scuderi (University of New Mexico

The New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System: A Web Application for Discovering, Visualizing, and Acquiring Geospational Data in Support of Water Stewardship Decision Making.pdf
Karl Benedict (University of New Mexico

Implementation of Water Resource Management Technology: Examples from the Rio Grande.pdf
Gail Stockton (URGWOM Project Manager & US Army Corp of Engineers) and Tim Ward,P.E. (University of New Mexico & URGWOM Technical Steering Committee

Water Stewarship in the Rio Grande Corridor: The Value of an Ecohydrological Perspective.pdf
Brent D. Newman (Los Alamos National Labs

Water Research and Technical Assistance in the Espanola Basin, NM. pdf
Charles L. Nylander (Los Alamos National Labs

Cooperative Modeling: Community-Based Water Resources Management for the Rio Grande.pdf
Howard Passell, Vince Tidwell, Dick Thomas, Steve Conrad (Sandia National Labs

Whole-Basin, Multi-System Modeling on the Rio Grande.pdf
Vincent Tidwell, Howard D. Passell (Sandia National Labs

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