Debra Dunaway-Mariano


1973   B.S. Biochemistry Texas A & M University
1975   Ph.D. Biochemistry, Texas A & M University
1977-1979  Postdoctoral, Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin


1977-79   NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellow
1982-87   NIH Career Development Awardee
1984-86   Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

    Professional Positions:

1976 - 1977    Texas A & M University Lecturer (Organic Chemistry)
1979 - 1984    Univ. of Maryland Assistant Professor of Chemistry
1984 - 1989    Univ. of Maryland Associate Professor of Chemistry
1989 - 1996    Univ. of Maryland Professor of Chemistry & Biochm
1997- present   Univ. of New Mexico Professor of Chemistry

    Professional Service:

1984-88 Symposium Organizer/Chair at 188th National ACS Meeting (1984),Pacific Basin Conference on Chemistry (1984), XV Steenbock Symposium(1985), 79th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biological Chemists (1988).NSF Workshop on Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Processes (Stanford University, 1987)
1984-88  NIH Biochemistry Study Section Member
1986 -87 Program Planning Committee for the American Society
for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1988 - present Associate Editor for the Journal Bioorganic Chemistry
1990 Chairman of the Gordon Conference on Enzymes, Coenzymes and     Metabolic Processes
1995 Biological Chemistry Division A.C.S. Program Chair
1996-98 A.C.S. Executive Committee Member

    Research Interests:

Biological Chemistry
Protein Structure, Function and Evolution
Enzyme Catalysis
Chemical Reaction Mechanisms

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