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The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online ( PNAS)
The Journal of Biological Chemistry Online
J. Am. Chem. Soc.
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology
Nature Biotechnology
Nature Structural Biology
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Molecular Cell
The EMBO Journal
FEBS Letter (Former Eur. J Biochemistry)
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The Journal of NIH Research
Methods: A Companion to Methods in Enzymology
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The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Journals, Conferences,
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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology online Journals

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DNA Sequence Search and Alignment

*1*Network Protein Sequence Analysis @NPSA

*1*BLAST - Basic Local Alignment Research Tool at NCBI
BLASTCRIHAN, France BLAST!New! (with Entrez and SRS Links) at Baylor College of Medicine and BLAST!New! at EPFL, Switzerland 
*2*BLASTPAT!New! - BLAST-based Pattern Database Search (see Documentation) at Baylor College of Medicine(W3)
*1*FASTA[E] - Compare a Nucleic Acid Sequence to Nucleotide Sequence Databases (w/ updates) at EBI, UK, FASTA!New! (Berlin, Vectorbank, etc) at Stanford U., FASTA at EERIE-Nimes, France and FASTA[E]!Recent! at CRIHAN, France (W3)
*2*FASTPAT!New! - FASTA-based Pattern Database Search (see Documentation) at Baylor College of Medicine(W3)
*1*GenBank Database (+Updates) at NCBI and GenBank-Fetch at Washington U.(W3)
*1*Genome Databases and Genome Centers - World Wide Links at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
*2*Genome Workstation!Recent! - Genome Related Links at Roslin Institute, UK (W3)
*1*Genomic Maps - Links to Genome Specific Resources at Biotech-Indiana(W3)
*1*GenQuest - Search Against Protein Databases with the Q server at Johns Hopkins(W3)
*1*Grail!Recent! - Analysis of the Protein Coding Potential of a DNA Sequence (see Documentation) at ORNL(W3)
*1*GSDB - Genome Sequence Database at NCGR(W3)
*1*OWL - Non-Redundant Protein Sequence Database (Updated Daily) at Johns Hopkins and OWL!New! at UCL-London, UK (W3)
*1*SwissProt - Protein Sequence Database (+ Weekly Updates) at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
*1*TFASTA - Match a Protein Sequence Against All Six Frames of GenBank Sequences at EERIE-Nimes, France (W3)
*1*SRSWWW - Network Browser for Databanks in Molecular Biology (w/ diagram links) at EMBL-Heidelberg(W3)
*1*SRSWWW-Directory - Directory of SRSWWW Network Browsers for Biological Databanks and SRSWWW-Global Status at EMBnet-Basel(W3)

Protein Sequence Search and Structural Information

*1*ENTREZ - Protein and Nucleotide Database (see Documentation) at NCBI(W3)
*1*ENZYME - The Enzyme Data Bank at ExPASy, Switzerland (W3)
*2*Enzyme Structures Database!New! - Structures of Enzymes Deposited in the PDB at UCL-London, UK (W3)
*1*LIGAND - Ligand Chemical Database for Enzyme Reactions at GenomeNet, Japan (W3)
*1*Molecules R US - Interactive Text and Images of PDB Files at NIH(W3)
*1*MOTIF - Search Patterns in Protein Sequences at GenomeNet, Japan Motif[L][E] at GenomeNet, Japan w/ search from Iowa State(W3)
*1*nnPredict!New! - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at UCSF and nnPredict[L][E] at w/ search from Iowa State(W3)
*1*NRL_3D - Sequence/Structure Database derived from PDB at Johns Hopkins and NRL_3D at EMBL-Heidelberg(W3)
*1*Protein Data Bank Structures at Brookhaven National Laboratory, PDB at GenomeNet Japan, PDB at U. Genova, Italy, PDB-List and PDB-Annotated at Brussels Free U., Belgium and PDB-Select at EMBL-Heidelberg(W3)
*1*PDB At A Glance - Hierarchic Access to PDB Files at NIH(W3)
*1*PHD[L][E] - Predict Protein Secondary Structure at EMBL-Heidelberg w/ search from Iowa State(W3)
*1*PIR - Protein Identification Resource Database at Johns Hopkins(W3)
*1*PROSITE - Protein Sites and Patterns Database at ExPASy, Switzerland, PrositeScan!New! at ISREC, Switzerland and PROSITE-Search[E] at EMBL-Heidelberg(W3)

Structure Homology Search

BSM Summaries and structural analyses of PDB data files (a lot useful information for 3D structures)
UCL BSM CATH classification (search classification of your protein by structure)
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins
The table of protein structure fold tree
Dali Help Document
LPFC: FSSP core structures

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