Samuel's Lineage:

Hermanus Emanuel Brumbach 1751 - 1803
***Daniel Brumbach 1794 - 1884
******Samuel Spohn Brumbach 1814 - 1882

Samuel was born on Feb. 9, 1814 and died on Apr. 4, 1882. He was a cabinet maker and undertaker in Pike Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Himself and family were members Reform Church in which for many years he served as an official. Samuel married (1) Hanna Mary Clauser, born April 8, 1815, and died Dec. 1, 1884; daughter of Peter and Anna Marie (Moyer) Clauser. Samuel married (2) Sarah Gabel, daugher of Henry and Catharine (Hill) Gabel. Sarah died Jan. 21, 1887, and Samuel died April 4, 1882.

Children by the first marriage (3):

1. Mabry Clauser, cabinet maker at Boyertown, Pa.
2. Daniel Clauser, born 1840; married Caroline Moyer, died.
3. Sally Ann, married Mahlon Cleaver, Reading, Pa. Mahlon served 3
years in the U. S. Army. They had five children surname Clauser:
Catharine, Hannah, John, Jacob, Sallie.

Children by the second marriage (8):

1. Hanna Gabel.
2. Clara Gabel, married Charles Berkey, Oley, Berks Co., Pa.
3. Samuel Gabel, born Dec. 12, 1854; died July 3, 1861.
4. Howard Gabel, born Sept. 27, 1860; died May 24, 1883.
5. Sophia Gabel, married Harrison Lechner of Douglassville,
Berks Co., Pa. They had six children surname Lechner: Ida, Ellen, Katie,
Sallie, Annie, and William.
6. James Gabel, married Sallie Kase. They lived at Boyertown and
had three children: Mackey,, Catharine, and Clara.
7. Henry Gabel, died in Pike Twp., Berks Co., Pa.; married Amanda
Mathias. They had two children: Nathaniel and Samuel.
8. Morris Gabel, married Catharine Guldin. The resided at
Spangeville, Berks Co., Pa. They had eleven children, including
an infant: Sallie, Charles, Carrie, Samuel, Daniel and Eli.