University of California, Los Angeles - B.A. in Linguistics and Psychology received August 1986, cum laude.
California State University, Northridge - M.A. in Communicative Disorders received December 1988, with distinction.
University of Colorado at Boulder - Ph.D. in Bilingual Special Education received August, 1998. Dissertation Title: The Social Construction of Language Competence: Language Socialization in Three Bilingual Kindergarten Classrooms

Associate Professor, Special Education, College of Education, University of New Mexico
July 2006 - present
Assistant Professor, Special Education, College of Education, University of New Mexico
Aug 2001 - June 2006
Visiting Assistant Professor, Special Education, College of Education, University of New Mexico

Coordinator of Speech/Language Clinical Services, Communication Health Services, Riverside CA
July 1992 - Aug 1993
Speech/Language Pathologist, Communication Health Services, Riverside, CA
Oct 1989 - July 1992
Speech Pathology Associate, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Feb 1989 - May 1989
Speech Pathology Intern, The HEAR Center, Pasadena, CA
Sept 1988 - Dec 1988
Speech Pathology Intern, University of California, San Diego Hospital
June 1988 - Aug 1988

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