TMI: I particularly like flavored black tea. But it's hard to find tasty decaf flavored teas. Right now, the one I like most, especially iced, is decaf chocolate mint tea from The Tea Table.
Short answer: Shoes
TMI: I've been wearing these for about 8 years. They are extremely long lasting and I still wear my original pairs, which are, sadly, no longer available. (And yes, you can throw them in the wash...) Also, yes, if you get the thin soled kind, you do feel the ground -- shapes and temperature. But I've used them walking in all kinds of urban settings across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and I've never had any problems with anything getting through, not even New Mexico's infamous goatheads.

While yes, they do look strange, they are the next-best-thing to going barefoot and that's the most important thing for me. Also, because I've practiced yoga for close to 10 years (and gone barefoot for most of my life), I'm used to using my toes when I walk and these are the only kind of shoes that let me do that. If I have to wear regular shoes for any length of time, it's just too uncomfortable. 
Short answer: Listening
TMI: I am an aspiring textile artist. In classes and meetings I am frequently making the fringe for pieces of cloth that I will later dye by unraveling the hem and then tyeing knots into the fringe. These actions are repetitive, soothing, and require little attention on my part. At times, I also sew running stitches into fabric or wrap and tie beads onto cloth. I save more complicated processes for times when I am not deliberately self-regulating my anxiety and behavior and can pay greater attention to what I am doing with my hands, rather than to others around me.

Different ways of stitching, wrapping, binding, and folding can be used to form a resist to the penetration of dye. I use a variety of techniques that stem from the Japanese tradition called Shibori.
I typically use cellulose fibers (e.g. cotton, linen, hemp), although I sometimes also use silk. The dyes I use are procion MX type cold water dyes. A good source of information and materials is Dharma Trading Post:

And yes, I crocheted my way through my MA. Students are welcome to bring similarly non-distracting "fidgets" to class as needed.