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The Traffic Research Unit (TRU) is part of Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) at the University of New Mexico. We are formerly known as the UNM Division of Government Research (DGR). We are within the umbrella group of UNM's Institute for Applied Research Services (IARS), which also includes the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER).

TRU specializes in providing advanced SAS programming expertise, statistical data analysis, data integration, trend analysis, data cleansing and matching, and geospatial analysis. We have done work related to traffic safety, as well as health care, economics, public policy, public safety, and other social research issues.

For the past 30 years, TRU has specialized in traffic safety. We maintain New Mexico's traffic crash and DWI databases for the New Mexico Department of Transportation - Traffic Safety Division (TSD). Much of our website is dedicated to providing the government and public with traffic crash information.

As part of the University of New Mexico, TRU offers UNM students real-world employment experience for their educational and professional development.


Originally known as the Division of Government Research (DGR), TRU was established by the University of New Mexico's Political Science Department in 1946. We conducted research related to governmental issues particular to New Mexico.

In 1975, DGR began doing traffic crash data analysis, SAS programming, and geospatial analysis for the New Mexico DOT Traffic Safety Division (TSD). We also became part of UNM's Institute for Applied Research Services (IARS). Our main focus became conducting contract and grant-funded applied research projects.

DGR began publishing the Annual Report on New Mexico Traffic Crash Data in 1981. Starting in 1984, a specialized report on New Mexico DWI (driving while intoxicated) data was also published each year.

In 1981, DGR began developing the New Mexico Geographic Road Network Database (GRNDB), a transportation-oriented GIS capable of displaying traffic crash data on maps. In 1984, we were one of the first 100 users of ESRI GIS software. Our ESRI GIS experience ranges from ESRI's first software product, ARC/INFO, through the most recent versions of ESRI's ArcGIS products. In 2002, DGR won the GIS poster contest for best analytical content at the ESRI Southwest User Group Conference (SWUG) held in Taos, New Mexico (available upon request).

In 2012, the Division of Government Research was formally renamed the Traffic Research Unit (TRU) after merging with UNM Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS).

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