Product Recall Research Group
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Sample of a product recall notice
Sample of a product recall notice

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Product Recall Research Group is to advance our understanding of product recalls, through the performance of basic and applied research, and the compilation of literature regarding product recalls.

Basic Recall Research

Significant basic research has been produced by this group. In 1996, a basic typology of product recalls was published, quantifying the incidence of recalls occurring in each category in 1995. 1996 recall data was published in 1997, and the 1997 recall data is in press. Work is underway on 1998 recalls.

Another basic research project involved the creation of a typology of the indirect costs associated with product recalls. Published in 1996, this research describes the deleterious consequences of product recalls to manufacturers and retailers.

Applied Recall Research

Much of the work the group centers on research of direct use to recallers, regulatory agencies, the media, and other participants in the recall process. Some studies have already been published, others are underway, and some are in the early planning stages.

Published Applied Recall Research

To date, three types of applied recall studies have been published. In 1995, a study of the communication dimensions of product recall was published. An agenda setting theory explanation for product recall campaigns was posited in 1996. A year later, two studies of print communication in recall campaigns was published.

Applied Research Underway

A number of studies are underway:

1) An examination of print prominence techniques
2) A study of recall print ads
3) A study of print recall information page, column, and location placement
4) Examination of regulatory role in recalls
5) a study of the communication variables involved in recall campaigns