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as of April 20, 2015

See the schedule for Summer and Fall the 2015 semesters! To see what we offer, see the Summer and Fall 2015 Course Offerings in the menu to the left.

Registration began 4-20-15.

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Welcome to Digital Media Arts at UNM Valencia!

The digital media arts program provides students with quality instruction that will forge successful paths to media industry careers and bachelor degree programs. Upon successful completion of the required courses for the Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media Arts or the Certificate in Digital Media Arts, our students will:

  • Plan and produce a successful project from onset to completion in a variety of media including: print publication, web publication, photography portfolio, video as narrative, documentary, or interview, 2-D and 3-D animation, and/or game design document and concept art development.
  • Graduate with a reel highlighting the student’s best work, as well as an accompanying web page to self-promote and further either career or educational opportunities.
  • Develop a strong base in the knowledge of historical and contemporary digital media art development and practitioners in the field.
  • Have an enhanced ability to think visually and communicate their ideas as such by discussing and defending their work and critiquing others in relation to concepts, ideas, techniques, processes, and experiences.
  • Develop a familiarity with the variety of media and software available in digital arts and understand the limitations and opportunities offered by these various materials and techniques.
    Demonstrate an excellent understanding of the components of art and design (balance, unity, line, composition, color theory, visual rhythm, etc…), and use this language to discuss, debate, and create.
  • Gain a positive interdisciplinary attitude.


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